15 Wooden Clogs for Women (Best High/Mid/Low Heel)

best wooden clogs for women

Like other types of footwear, modern-day clogs have seen a style evolution and we commonly see mule styles with higher heels, sandal/boot designs, and PU uppers for vibrant colors. They are also more functional anatomically designed footbeds and have high arch support, and rubber soles for underneath traction support and cushioning, disguising the unique clicking noise they are known by.

Still, whatever style you are interested in buying, it is essential to find one that offers high levels of comfort and stability, as after all - this is the foundation needed for happy feet!

So on this page we have chosen modern clog/mule designs that will keep your feet comfortable, supporting your steps, and ensuring many happy hours of wear.


Top 5 Wooden Clogs (Quick Overview)

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1: Dansko

2 inch (5.1 cm)

2: Sandgrens

 2 inch (5.1 cm)

3: Verka

2 inch (5.1 cm)

2: Sandgrens

1.75 inch (4.44 cm)

5: Dansko

2 inch (5.1 cm)

Full Reviews

1: VERKA Women's Wooden Clogs from Sweden - LEDIG

A hand-made design and crafted with comfort firmly in mind. These beautiful open-back clogs are also available in a number of vibrant, stand-out color variations.

The leather uppers are on the harder side, but after you break them in will flex to your feet nicely and remain durable. They provide a snug fit compared to other brands, so if you like your clogs to hug your feet then these are a good option. Inside there is a comfortable lining that means you can wear them without socks and problem-free.

This style has a sturdy limewood base that is going to give natural arch support and compliment your strides perfectly while remaining lightweight on the feet. Underneath there is a patterned anti-slip tread supporting you on slippery surfaces.

: These are widely regarded as great to look at with their vibrant, glossy coloring, they also provide a snug, sturdy fitting making them functional for longer periods of wear.

The Good Stuff:

  • Heel height: 2 inch (5.1cm)
  • Platform height: 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) approx.
  • Lightweight and work for higher arches
  • Go sockless without a problem
  • Multitude of color options available

The Bad Stuff:

  • Longer than average break-in period
  • May need to size up due to the well-fitted design
  • 2: Dansko Women's Professional Clog

    These are a functional clog with the word "professional" in the title for a reason, as they are designed to provide all day comfort and support. They are available in a vast number of styles and also a wide-fit version.

    The uppers are made from 100% leather that will shape to your feet over time, and run the full circumference of the shoe supporting the whole foot. Inside there is a padded collar for a comfortable instep, and a leather inner layer providing additional support.

    They have a reinforced toe box to provide added protection against knocks and resulting in a seamless design. There is also a wide heel strike fully covering the foot for greater stability necessary for more active times. Underneath there is a PU sole with a solid patterned tread preventing unnecessary slips.

    Summary: These are highly regarded as being a good fit and once you have got used to them they are a practical choice for nurses standing on their feet all day. They won't win any fashion awards but will win for comfort and valuable support.

    The Good Stuff:

    • Heel height: 2 inch (5.1 cm) approx
    • Platform height: 1 inch (2.54 cm) approx
    • Supportive design for all day wear

    The Bad Stuff:

    3: Sandgrens Swedish Handmade Wooden Clog Mule

    These have an easy to use backless design, are hand-crafted, and made with natural materials built to last. They are also available in different color variations.

    The uppers are made of rich-looking nubuck leather, which is more durable than regular suede but still soft and velvety to touch. They have elegant bronze-like nail heads running around the uppers, an original idea really bringing this style to life!

    The stained wooden sole complements the rich-looking outer appearance and is also highly supportive and durable. Underneath there is a sturdy tread on the bottom and you can rest assured that they won't make the traditional "click clock" sound as you walk.

    These are widely regarded for their superior workmanship. Once you wear them in they will be highly comfortable for those who enjoy a sturdy firm base with less flex on the bottom, making them a practical choice for all-day wear.

    The Good Stuff:

    • Heel height: 1. 15/16 inch (4.92 cm) approx
    • Platform height: 15/16 inch 2.38 cm approx
    • Comfortable once worn in
    • Many different color options are available

    The Bad Stuff:

  • Take some time to get used to
  • 4: Sandgrens Swedish Handmade Wooden Clog Sandal

    These higher-heel handmade wooden clogs offer a nice height boost and a secured design. They are also available in many color variations.

    The uppers are a smooth nubuck leather that is durable and will shape your feet perfectly after breaking them in and are firmly stapled down to the lightweight limewood base. They feature an adjustable buckle with straps running over the front of the shoe and back ankle area to securely fasten these in place.

    The firm wooden base will give continuous support and is also lightweight on the feet. Underneath there is a rubber sole that will stay quiet and has a firm, flexible tread to prevent unnecessary slips.

    These clogs are highly regarded for their ability to fit and remain comfortable for wider feet. They feature a practical design and are surprisingly lightweight on the feet! You will quickly get used to walking in them and reaping the benefits they provide.

    The Good Stuff:

    • Heel height: 2.5 inch (6.35 cm) approx
    • Platform height: 7/8 inch (2.22 cm)
    • A secured design makes them easy to walk in
    • Sole stays quiet
    • Many color options available 

    The Bad Stuff:

    • The hardwood surface takes time to get used to for some

    5: MIA Women's Elsa Mule

    These high-rise clogs give the outward appearance of a thick, robust design, but are surprisingly one of the most comfortable backless designs available. There are also different color variations available.

    The uppers are constructed of 100% leather that will stretch to the shape of your feet after you wear them in, for a secured fitting. The backless design helps to slip them on, and there is an elegant braided strap running over the front that adds extra style and support.

    They feature a contoured wooden footbed that compliments your natural stride, resulting in reduced aches and pains caused by poor postures, such as easing pressure off of the knees. The thick block heel is sturdy and there is a robust tread with deep patterning adding cushioning and also making them highly durable and slip-resistant

    Summary: Despite the thicker design these clogs are said to be highly comfortable and some of the best supportive wooden clogs to walk in due to high-quality materials and by providing natural support for steps.

    The Good Stuff:

    • Heel height: 3.5 inch (8.89 cm) 
    • Platform height: 1.5 inch (3.8 cm)
    • Influence proper weight distribution, reducing stress from the knees and other key areas
    • Bulky outward appearance combined with a comfortable feel
    • Considerable height boost without feeling like you are wearing heels
    • Color variations available

    The Bad Stuff:

    6: Sandgrens Swedish Handade Wooden Clog Boots

    The traditional clog meets the boot in this hybrid design, working in harmony to provide a highly comfortable and stylish silhouette.

    Due to the secured boot design, this style can be worn all year round. The uppers are constructed of luxurious, soft nubuck leather that is more durable than suede, shaping nicely to your feet over time. There is an adjustable buckle to secure the ankles and a side zipper and top pull tab for easy on/off.

    The thick wooden base is supportive, shaping your stride nicely by following your natural instep. Underneath is a thick boomerang-shaped tread that is going to prevent unnecessary slips in colder weather.

    These clogs are praised for their looks and excellent quality, and offer a modern twist to the clog that is bound to be noticed. These are designed with comfort, functionality, and security in mind, and pair with a diverse range of outfits.

    The Good Stuff:

    • Heel height: 1.75 inch (4.44 cm)
    • Platform height: 0.75 inch (1.90 cm)
    • Shaft height: 5.5 inch (13.97 cm)
    • Secured design
    • Modern twist on the clog design
    • Available in other color styles

    The Bad Stuff:

    7: Troentorp Clogs womens Raphael

    These clogs will add a bright cuteness to everything you wear and are a highly functional clog. They are also available in a brown version.

    The premium leather uppers will supple up over time and shape top the feet nicely. They have small studs securing them to the sole, adding a nice aesthetic touch. The easy-to-use open-back design works well with the front buckle to thoroughly secure higher insteps.

    Inside there is an orthopedically contoured Alderwood footbed that influences a natural stride to ease the pressure from steps while also adding valuable arch support. The firm wooden base is housed on top of a slip-resistant PU outsole with a necessary firm tread.

    Summary: These clogs are stunningly vibrant in person! They are perfect for flawless performance, with a comfortable and secure design that helps ease a natural stride. Compliments will be coming your way while wearing these!

    The Good Stuff:

    • Heel height: 2.2inch (5.58 cm)
    • Platform height: 0.86 inch (2.22 cm)
    • Secure design
    • Vibrant aesthetic 
    • Available in a black cherry option

    The Bad Stuff:

    8: Sandgrens Swedish Handmade Wooden Clog

    These are good quality handcrafted wooden clogs - the Brett clog has received a redesign, and these chemical-free shoes are available in a number of color variations.

    The uppers are soft, smooth nubuck leather in the shape of an open side cut and closed back, stapled down providing a secure fitting and original design aesthetic. 

    They feature a sloping solid wood footbed throughout that will work different areas of the feet from regular shoes. This design does not have any added cushioning or arch support. However, this is surprisingly comfortable after you get used to them. Underneath there is a rubber sole to cushion steps, and this has a patterned tread on the heel and forefoot area to firmly secure your feet to the floor. 

    Summary: These clogs will take some time to adjust to walking in, but once you do you will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are.

    The Good Stuff:

    • Heel height: 1.85 inch (4.7 cm)
    • Platform height: 0.86 inch (2.22 cm)
    • Unique design that is surprisingly comfortable
    • Variety of color options available

    The Bad Stuff:

  • It will take time to get used to as there is a solid wood footbed
  • Lacking arch support
  • Sizing issues for some/not suitable for wider feet
  • 9: Vollsjo Genuine Leather Wooden Clogs

    These Swedish style clogs are widely praised and the go-to choice for many due to being practical, comfortable, affordable, and ideal to slip on for casual wear. . They are also available in color variations to switch up styles.

    The uppers are constructed of authentic nubuck leather that is durable and will be easy to brush off scuffs from everyday wear. The sloped footbed compliments your mid/low arches for a natural instep. They also offer a wider fit that is ideal for larger feet or those who like wearing thicker socks.

    The firm and supportive wooden base sits on top of a rubbery patterned bottom that has solid and thick traction to support and cushion your steps, preventing unnecessary slips.

    Summary: There is no need to look for women's wooden clogs on sale, as these clogs are praised for being of great quality and are affordable. They are a solid clog design suitable for those who want to wear them casually or are looking to venture into the world of clogs.

    The Good Stuff:

    • Heel height: 2 inch (5.1 cm)
    • Platform height: 0.75 inch (1.90 cm)
    • Easy to break-in
    • Works well for wider feet
    • Different color variations available

    The Bad Stuff:

  • Avoid if you have slimmer feet
  • Curved up toe area uncomfortable for some
  • 10: VERKA Women's Wooden Clogs from Sweden

    Hand-crafted to near perfection, this eye-catching design is bound to bring smiles to faces and is available in a number of vibrant color variations (the pink wooden clogs look great too) + also both patent and traditional leather.

    The yellow uppers are constructed of patent leather that is water-resistant and easy to wipe clean and is firmly stapled to the base. They are very vibrant in color and work great alongside the elegant patterned floral-like air hole design - bringing these clogs to life!

    The natural limewood base is lightweight and works well to provide a supportive environment. Underneath there is a sturdy rubber sole with patterned traction support, making them highly slip-resistant.

    Summary: As mentioned by buyers, if you want clogs that stand out then these are a top choice. Fortunately, they are also easy to clean, are durable and after breaking the leather in they will serve you well for everyday wear.

    The Good Stuff:

  • Heel height: 2 inch (5.1 cm)
  • Platform height: 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) approx.
  • Vibrant shiny colors in many styles
  • The Bad Stuff:

  • Some sizing issues
  • 11: Sandgrens Swedish Handmade Wooden Clog Boot

    These shoes offer a chukka cap-toe style mixed with the wooden heel and base of clogs, combined for a compliment-worthy design. They are also available in a number of color variations.

    The smooth nubuck uppers and are soft to the touch and ooze a classy vibe. This is a functional design, with a top strap making it easy to pull your feet into the boots. There is also a secure setting with a front lace-up design and cap-toe stitching that blends perfectly when paired with formal, sophisticated outfits.

    The wooden base is thick with firm support in the heel area, combined with a gradual slope to complement your instep. The heel also offers a nice height boost without the feeling of having high heels on your feet. Underneath there is a firm grip making these non-slip and reliable throughout the year.

    These are praised for being comfortable, looking great in person, and also for being a functional design that brings a fashion-forward sense to your wardrobe with its neutral styling, working harmoniously with a diverse number of outfits.

    The Good Stuff:

    • Heel height: 2.5 inch (6.35 cm) approx.
    • Platform height: 0.75 inch (1.90 cm)
    • Shaft height: 3 1/4 inch (8.25 cm)
    • Versatile design
    • Attention-grabbing 
    • Different variants available

    The Bad Stuff:

  • Order a size up
  • 12: BJORK Swedish Comfort Mila Low Heel Clog Sandals

    These clogs offer functional and supportive clog/sandal styling that will serve you well if you need additional ankle support. They are also available in a black/navy variation.

    The uppers are made from oiled nubuck leather and have a soft and smooth feel while remaining durable with a moisture-resistant surface. There is a nice double coloring adding a busy aesthetic. They also are safe and supportive with an adjustable silver-like buckled strap and back ankle support.

    The firm wooden base gradually slopes down to compliment your natural instep and will be comfortable to walk on. Underneath there is a patterned PU tread proving ample slip resistance.

    Summary: These clogs are praised for being a good fit and are comfortable. The stylish coloring will look great paired with a diverse range of outfits, and also they are also a functional and supportive design.

    The Good Stuff:

    • Heel height: 2 inch (5.1 cm)
    • Platform height: 0.75 inch (1.90 cm)
    • Available in narrow/wide versions
    • Functional & supportive for standing all-day
    • Different color variants available

    The Bad Stuff:

  • Some reports of ankle-rolling so make sure they fit you well (size down if in-between sizes) + practice walking in them first.

  • 13: Sandgrens Swedish Handmade Wooden Clog | Milan

    These clogs are well-made and are of very high quality in design that makes them a highly durable option for those on their feet all day. They are available in different color variations.

    The uppers are made from a sturdy nubuck leather that is soft to touch, and once broken in is going to make for a secure but flexible and comfortable shoe. There is an adjustable buckle that will firmly secure the ankles in place. The front features swirly eyelet/cutout holes in a patterned style adding an extra cute appearance.

    The firm wooden sole is thick + durable and slopes downwards providing a natural instep for the feet, and underneath there is a patterned PU tread that will remain reliable on a number of hazardous surfaces.

    These cogs are praised for looking great in person, bringing a smile all around. A balance of style and comfort. These are healthy on the feet with a secured design that will work well while performing day-to-day activities.

    The Good Stuff:

    • Heel height: 2 inch (5.1 cm)
    • Platform height: 0.75 inch (1.90 cm)
    • Secured design
    • Many color variants available

    The Bad Stuff:

  • Slimmer feet order a size down
  • 14: Bjork Women's Aldi Floral Wooden Clogs

    These handmade Swedish wooden clogs feature a classic design, are highly comfortable, and can accommodate wider feet with ease.

    These are easily accessible - just slide your feet in and go with the open-back design. The genuine leather uppers will shape to your feet nicely over time and feature a stapled strap and floral printed design adding a decorative, radiant aesthetic. There is also a wooden footbed with a supportive layer in the heel area.

    They feature a wooden FussForm outsole providing an anatomically shaped footbed that will adapt to the natural contours of your toes while providing ample room inside to wiggle them around. Underneath there is a PU tread with thick patterning for great traction support.

    Summary: Praised for instant comfort and for their durability while standing on your feet all day. An elegant outer design combined with a comfortable structure makes these suitable for all day wear. Wider toes will also feel at home in these clogs.

    The Good Stuff:

    • Heel height: 2 inch (5.1 cm) or 3 inch (7.62 cm)
    • Platform height: 0.75 inch (1.90 cm)
    • Great for wider toes
    • Beautiful aesthetics
    • Instant comfort

    The Bad Stuff:

  • Not suited to thinner feet, or you can try to size down
  • 15: Dansko Women's Sam

    Part of the Dansko Sausalito Collection, these clogs have a secured design and sturdy outward appearance.

    The uppers are constructed of full-grain leather in key areas to secure the feet, which you will be grateful for over time as they become supple and comfortable. There are adjustable buckles to help with ankle stability.

    This clog is highly comfortable to walk on, featuring a beveled heel that matches the shape of your heel bone influencing a natural instep. There is also a supportive and soft foam midsole covering the full surface area of the foot, and a forepart inserts underneath for additional cushioning. Finally, they have a sock liner that provides moisture management in the hotter seasons.

    On the outside, there is a lightweight & long-wearing PU outsole and a firm tread providing necessary traction support for all-day wear.

    Summary: Praised for being comfortable out of the box, and also for being a supportive and well-made design that will keep your feet supple and cool during all-day wear. For avid clog wearers, these will serve you well for long periods of use!

    The Good Stuff:

    • Heel height: 2 inch (5.1 cm)
    • Platform height: 0.5 inch (1.27 cm)
    • Weight: 10 oz
    • Supportive, well-made design
    • Different color options available

    The Bad Stuff:

    Wooden Clogs Buyers Guide

    Clogs were originally designed for workers to protect their feet, with wooden soles and a leather strap. Due to their rigid wooden design they offered no cushioning for the foot, ending up painful for longer periods of wear. Fortunately, they have come a long way since then!

    Are Clogs in Style in 2022?

    Clogs are a classic shoe style that rarely leaves the fashion world. Yet recently clogs have had a chic makeover, evolving from being built for practical purpose into a multitude of designs with different colors, higher/lower heels, classic/mule and boot/sandal styles + many more variants.

    Wherever you go you will hear them click-clacking in the streets, and they are often present at fashion weeks. They are also something that can be styled with a multitude of outfits, from summer to winter wear.

    They are also a good way of adding height without feeling like you are wearing heels.

    What is The Difference Between Mule And Clog?

    In today's world, the word clogs and mules are used interchangeably on the same products. The fact is though that both clogs and mules have distinguishing characteristics.


    Clogs are more of a practical and comfortable shoe design with a lower heel design and a platform at the front area of the shoe. A clog will also have a thick, firm tread underneath. Due to these design elements, they are commonly used for all day wear.


    Mules on the other hand are considered dressier and more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, featuring a higher heel and open back design, with styles often opting for a smoother sole. They are commonly used to dress up outfits.

    Modern Designs

    Modern designs have seen a blending of elements, such as having elegant patterned uppers, buckles, open and closed backs, colorful busy patterning, and a variety of heel options.

    Styles include sandal styles with ankle straps and boot styles that are fully enclosed. The common feature, however, is the rigid wooden outsole, identifying itself as a clog trait within the design. 

    So in short, there has been a creative evolution, and this is why we often see the names clog/mules being interchangeably used.

    modern stylish clogs with high heels for women

    Are Clogs Good For The Feet?

    Clogs were originally designed to protect the feet of workers. They were very rigid in design and has no ability to move or flex, making them highly uncomfortable for long periods of wear. In the modern-day, however, some designs are highly supportive of the feet.


    Assuming you are choosing a decent pair of modern clogs, then they often have anatomically designed footbeds that will adapt to the physiology of the human foot. This means that there are specially shaped to support key areas of the sole, and influence a painless, natural stride, that allows for a proper posture.

    Modern designs also often include a contoured arch, supporting the natural arch of the foot, resulting in proper alignment. Others have padded instep collars, PU foam Footbeds, and thick rubber/PU soles for additional cushioning. Finally, due to the open nature of the heel cup, they can be a comfortable option for those standing on their feet all day.


    Some people find it difficult to adjust to the hard, rigid footbed of some designs. Though this firm base can help to triggers nerves and muscles in your feet that you would not normally use, it also restricts a full range of walking motion, leading to dragging of the feet.

    This means that for running and constant walking, wearing clogs is not advised, as this loss of complete motion/gait can cause foot and postural issues later down the line. Also, the fact that they are often designed to slip in the heel area means their stability can be problematic.

    A lack of support in the heel area can also lead to excess strain in other areas to compensate, such as a heavier grip of the toes.  

    It is also important to note that if you have been wearing other kinds of footwear, then they may take some time to get used to, causing aches and pains, etc, at the beginning.

    Learning To Walk In Them

    You will need to have patience as you learn, and it will range from a few days to weeks before they feel comfortable, as new muscles and nerves will be activated in the foot, meaning they will take time to adapt to their new home. 

    If you are new to clogs, you have to learn to walk in them by rolling your foot from heel-to-toe so you don't clop when you walk. You can practice barefoot, and if this is uncomfortable then add some with socks to ease the pressure. Also, try them on different surfaces, such as carpet and flatter, harder ones such as wood flooring. This will help you to adapt faster and experience fewer aches and pains when venturing outside.

    After enduring the learning process, you may find that you fall in love with the additional benefits clogs provide, such as influencing you to stand up straighter, aiding back pain, and providing comfort and support for being on your feet all day.

    How To Measure For Them

    With clogs, sizing varies between styles and manufacturers. For example, a higher heel will measure differently to a lower heel, or a boot style will measure differently to an open toe design. This is why manufacturers will give directions on how to measure your feet, so be sure to check them out before purchasing.

    If you cannot access the clog first, then there is a way to gain a rough idea of your ideal size.

    It is common for one foot to measure longer than the other, so ensure your longest measurement is the one you size from. 


    For Lengthyou can measure the full length from underneath the foot, from the heel to the toe area, and then + 1cm to this for some additional room. Then compare it to the clog size chart toe-to-heel section from the manufacturer to gain a rough idea of the correct length. 


    For width in general, the average clog will be fitted for a medium-to-narrow width foot that remains relative to the size of the shoe. They should fit snug through the width, as the leather will stretch out as you wear them. There are sometimes wider options available too. If you measure in-between sizes, then it is normal to size up for a little extra room. 

    Making Clogs More Comfortable

    If you have a sufficient amount of room (around 1 cm between the longest toe and front of the clog) and they fit well all around, then there are some things you can do to make your walking experience more comfortable.

    • You can buy a stick-on insole
    • Wearing socks can ease pressure from steps
    • Wear them around the house until your feet adapt to them
    • Take plasters out with you and put them in problem areas as needed
    • You can buy self-adhesive insoles and stick them to the footbed to soften your stride
    • Adding a piece of gel/metatarsal padding on the footbed can help ease pressure impact and prevent aggravating the ball of the foot.

    Stretching Them

    If you want to stretch your clogs, to either widen them or make them longer, then there are some tips:

    • You can wear the clogs at night after your feet have swelled to their maximum size, and this should help to stretch them to your fitting and is a perfectly natural way of doing it. 
    • To widen the clogs you can use an adjustable shoe stretcher. You can adjust it as necessary until they are stretched to your desired width. 
    • Add some thick socks, or use 2/3 layers of socks to influence the stretching. 
    • You can try the traditional way of stuffing them overnight with damp rice. The way this works is that the water will expand the rice in the bag, and thus expand the clogs over the night hours. 
    •  There are shoe stretch sprays that can be purchased and then sprayed on the areas of the shoe you want to stretch. Then wear them and they will gradually conform to the shape of your foot.

    Common Materials

    Premium Leather (Full Grain Leather) 

    This type of leather comes from the outermost layer of cowhide and is highly tough and durable, so can be used for heavy-duty and long-term wear. It will become supple over time, conforming to your foot shape for a flexible and comfortable fitting. It is also known to age gracefully by developing a natural skin tone throughout usage.

    Patent Leather 

    This type of leather can be made from all kinds of hides, and has a PU or acrylic finish, offering a glossy varnished surface that is well suited to dressy styling. It also offers a consistent quality by remaining durable + weather/stain-resistant and will protect the underneath layers. It is also easy to maintain and wipe clean.

    elegant nubuck leather clogs for women

    Nubuck Leather   

    Nubuck leather is a common appearance on clogs. It is soft to touch and presents a timeless, classic vibe that works well with luxury items such as clogs.

    More importantly, however, is its ability to be extremely durable, and being a top grain calfskin it is renowned for resilience, and ability to shape to the feet. It is also easy to maintain, such as cleaning scratches off of them with a quick brush.

    The clog designs on this page often feature high-quality, sturdy leather that will take some time to get used to walking in. Therefore, in the beginning, if they feel a little snug then wear them around the house for a while with socks, as the leather will stretch, and this is why if the shoes feel slightly narrow when first wearing them, they will eventually stretch to accommodate the size of your feet.

    Hand-crafted Wooden Bases

    Clogs often have durable bases made from a lightweight Alderwood, a tough European Limewood, and other natural woods too. 

    The classic hand-crafted wooden bases of clogs are designed to provide a firm setting for the feet. Clog bases will not bend to the shape of your heel and are made to allow your heel to slip a little as you walk. This also applies to closed-backs and boot designs. So if you receive a clog that feels rightly sized but slips a little as you walk, this is perfectly normal and designed to do so.

    Manufacturers have created different styles of wooden bases, some with high arch support, some anatomically designed for a perfect stride, and others with naturally antibacterial and moisture-absorbing properties. In general, regardless of the heel height, they will fit a narrow-width foot.

    The soles of the wooden bases often consist of sturdy rubber or PU, adding cushioning underneath and making the clogs softer to walk in. They often have thick, patterned treads making them highly slip-resistant on hazardous surfaces.

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