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high heel boots for men

2.76 inch (7 cm)



3.2 inch (8.12 cm)



brogues oxfords elevator boots

 2.76 inch (7cm)

Dress/work/everyday wear


 3.2 inch (8.12 cm)

Dress/significant height increase


3.15 Inch (8cm)

work/fall seasons significant height increase

The majority of boots have a prominent heel, so it is only natural when thinking of increasing your height to look at a pair of boots for that extra boost. Fortunately, these days height increasing boots for men come in a variety of designs. 

A quality pair of boots that make you taller will maintain a natural appearance, sporting the high back and sides of a regular boot. In turn, this helps mask the look of an internal raise.

This page is dedicated to researching different styles and brands of men's boots that make you taller. The choices made will maintain a stylish fit, comfort, and feel, and receive positive customer reviews. 

Full Reviews

1: CHAMARIPA 2.76" Height Increasing Shoes High Heel Boots

high heel boots for men

Suitable for formal events, the office, or daily casual wear, these are designed to keep your feet feeling safe inside, for a confident stride.

The cow leather uppers have the benefit of being thicker and less prone to cracking when compared to other leathers. They are also known to age nicely and will be easy to wipe clean and maintain. Once your feet are inside, the adjustable buckle will tighten them around the ankles and makes them one of the most secure designs on the list.

Falling in line with the classy upper design, there is a leather lining inside offering excellent breathability and will also absorb moisture, keeping your feet feeling fresh. Underneath there is a wooden-like base and a patterned rubber tread that will keep your feet firmly planted to the floor.

Summary: These boots are constructed with stability in mind, and if you are worried about the learning curve of elevator shoes, then give these a try, as they will make your feet feel at home once you get used to them.

The Good Stuff:

  • Height Increase: 2.76 inch (7 cm)
  • Classy design
  • Will secure your feet inside

The Bad Stuff:

2: Calto 3.2" Zipper Boot

These premium leather lightweight elevator boots have all the markings of high-quality footwear. They have a versatile look, and will really shine when paired with a smart-casual jeans inspired outfit, and also work well with a formal suit. 

Made with genuine Oxhide leather, they will age well over time and it will be easy to maintain with a quick wipe and polish. There is a well-placed side zipper for quick ease of use and are known to fit to size, and inside there is a cloth lining for additional comfort. 

They have a sturdy Goodyear welt construction. As you wear these boots, the footbed will mold to your feet, fitting exactly as they should. Underneath there is a rubberized bottom which will provide good traction support and also help to absorb your steps as you go about your daily activities.

Summary: These boots are regularly praised for both their style and comfort, and are discreet in design, styling-out your looks without appearing like a pair of elevator shoes. They also fit-to-size and their premium features are regarded as worth the price. 

The Good Stuff:

  • Height Increase: 3.2 inch (8.12 cm)
  • High quality material construction
  • Stylish & comfortable
  • Fit like a glove

The Bad Stuff:

3: CHAMARIPA 2.76" Brogues Oxford Elevate Dress Boots 

brogues oxfords elevator boots

If you want to look taller in the office and these elegant brogue-styled boots are smart looking and will keep your height boosted while looking stylish. 

The uppers are made from cow leather that is more durable than other leathers and also easy to wipe clean and maintain. They will stretch to the shape of your feet, and this style fits to size and offers a snug fit around the foot, keeping them in place for added confidence when getting used to them.  The fluffy inner lining will keep your feet warm on colder days. 

The regular-looking outside heel keeps these boots looking 'regular' and the elevation is sloped in a way that ensures your feet will not bulge out the front of the shoes like some other designs. They are a great choice for those colder months, as there is a firm tread on the bottom for that added sense of security on wet/cold surfaces.

Summary: The smart styling suits those who want to look taller at work. They fit-to-size and feel secure when on the feet, and after getting used to them you won't want to take them off! 

The Good Stuff:

  • Height Increase: 2.76 inch (7cm)
  • High quality material construction
  • Fit-to-size
  • Great for the office

The Bad Stuff:

4: CALTO 3.2" High-top Ankle Boot

Available in two different color styles - black and brown. These height-increasing boots maintain a classy look ideal for a pair of jeans and a leather jacket.


They are made with genuine Oxhide leather, which is a durable material, easy to maintain, and ages well. By containing a Faux fur lining, this will ensure comfort and also maintain heat insulation. So, if you are in a colder climate then these might be the boots you are looking for.

They also contain a Goodyear welt construction, helping the boots to be relatively waterproof. This will also increase durability and allow easy resoling. Having a cap toe design will shorten the impression of larger feet. They also have a rubberized bottom which will help absorb the pressure of walking and ensure a bounce in your steps.

Summary: These boots are praised for being expertly manufactured to fit the shape of the foot, providing a functional and pain-free user experience while also boosting your height. 

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 3.2 inch (8.12 cm)
  • Great for colder climates
  • Significant height increase
  • Praised for their looks and comfort

The Bad Stuff:

  • Reports of the boots giving 2 1/4 inches of height boost, and not the advertised 3.2 inches. 

5: Black Leather 3.15" Motorcycle Height Increase Boots

These soft genuine leather boots are ideal for those who will not sacrifice on style, as their design stays faithful to motorcycle-style boots.

The uppers are genuine cow leather that looks great, and inside your feet will stay snug and warm due to a soft Pigskin leather lining, that is also breathable, so you can be sure the comfort factor is well thought out here. There is a non-removable molded EVA footbed for all-day comfort, characterized by special cushioning properties to soften your steps, easing break-in aches and pains. 

Underneath there is a rubber sole with a patterned tread that will prevent slipping in them. These boots are inconspicuous in design and an effective boot for height increase and great for the Autumn/Winter seasons.

These boots are praised for their stylish design and for those wanting biker boots/work boots, and are best suited to the fall seasons. If you are searching for something to tie you over throughout the winter, these will serve you proud! 

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 3.15 Inches (8cm)
  • Solid design
  • Great for the fall seasons

The Bad Stuff:

6: CALDEN K28801 3" Formal Dress Ankle Boots 

The CALDEN K28801 is an excellent choice for the Winter months. There is no sacrifice for quality when it comes to the best elevator shoes for men, and these dress boots do not disappoint! These elegant boots are available in two different color styles - black or brown. 

The uppers are well stitched and offer a stable environment, while the inners contain a cloth lining which is ideal for heat insulation and comfort. While you break in these boots your feet will stay free from hot spots and blist
ers, with the shoe gradually molding to their shape.

The hi-top design offers excellent ankle support, essential for a confident stride. The rubber outer sole will help your feet absorb the impacts of walking. They are well stitched which means they will be durable and last a long while to come.

Summary: These boots are highly regarded as being comfortable, and not much harder to walk in than a regular boot. They have an easy break-in period, and will remain a staple in your wardrobe for many an occasion!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 3.15 inch (7.62 cm)
  • High quality materials used
  • Great ankle support for easy walking
  • Easy to get used to

The Bad Stuff:

  • Some reports of sizing issues if you fall into a half size. Also, they are slightly narrow in the toe area for wider feet. 

7: 3.15" Elevator Oxfords Formal Boots 

Just look at these men's boots for height (a personal favorite of mine)! They contain distinguishable, hallmark features of quality footwear, and look great.

The uppers and made from high-quality calfskin leather. This type of leather is more flexible and supple than other types. The inner lining is pigskin leather, which is known to be soft and breathable. Also, being spongy will help your feet to get used to your new boots without straining them.

They have an attractive brown-cork heel, which will offer low impact transference to your joints, contrasted with a black rubber outsole. Together these will keep your feet feeling comfortable and bouncy from the get-go.  

Summary: These boots are regarded as aesthetically pleasing, pairing with a diverse range of outfits, from smart/casual to formal attire. They are bound to grab attention for all the right reasons - compliments are coming! If good looks are what you are after then these should be at the top of your list!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 3.15 inch (8 cm)
  • High quality material construction
  • Look great!
  • Works with a diverse range of clothing

The Bad Stuff:

8: CALDEN K99805 - 3.2" Zipper Dress Boot

The CALDEN K99805 is a popular height-increasing shoe and will provide a good level of functionality and comfort for your feet. 

They are made from premium leather, which is a durable material and will be easy to clean and maintain. Also, this style runs true to size. They are double stitched, which is excellent for extra durability and will help with weather resistance.

The square toe design is perfect for wider toes. They will allow your toes, allowing them to move freely. 
They have a durable, rubberized sole, which absorbs the impact of your steps. Also, an easy access side zipper ensures speedy use if you are in a rush!

Summary: This boot is praised for its looks in person, and will complement a versatile range of clothing styles. Also, if you need extra room in the toe area of your shoe or a considerable height increase, then these might be the boots for you to try!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 3.2 inch (8.12 cm)
  • A classy, rugged aesthetic
  • Great for wider toes
  • Functional

The Bad Stuff:

  • Reports of a steep incline, leading to an awkward feeling similar to walking in high heels.

9: CALTO 3" Wing-tip Lightweight Dress Boots

These high-top boots sport the traditional Wing-tip patterned design. They are a versatile footwear that can be paired with business, casual and formal looks. This model is available in 3 different color styles - black, brown, and navy. 

The uppers are made of sturdy adaptable leather and inside they are cloth inner lined, which will help during the break-in period and prevent things like hot spots or blisters from occurring. Also, they feature a cement construction that enables enable easy resoling and helps with weather resistance.
These shoes will give almost 3 inches of height boost, but they have an outer heel height of 1 inch, ensuring your new height will remain discreet. They also sport a firm rubber sole, which will give added traction support and help to absorb pressure every time your feet touch the floor!

Summary: These boots are regarded as being well-made, and they also fit-to-size. They are a great addition to formal, casual, and urban looks!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height Increase: 3 inch (7.62 cm)
  • Well made
  • Discreet 1" outer heel design
  • Fit-to-size
  • One of the only wingtip elevator boots

The Bad Stuff:

10: Business Oxford 3.15" Boots

In a hurry? Well with this business Oxford boot you can reap the benefits of slip-on style boots - there is no need to tighten or readjust the laces here! They are available in two color variations - black and brown. 

They feature a super lightweight design. This will help avoid straining your feet or leg muscles while you break in your new boots. With robust, cowhide uppers your feet will have no problem feeling secure. Also, being firm but flexible, this leather is easy to care for and provides extra dirt and weather resistance.

Inside there is a pigskin inner lining for extra comfort, being spongy and breathable. Underneath the rubber outsole provides a solid grip and a nice-looking contrast to the uppers. 

Summary: These boots are praised for their high-quality leather uppers, and also as being snug-fitting, lightweight and stylish. They are going to set new benchmark standards for your future purchases of elevator footwear!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height Increase: 3.15 inch (8 cm)
  • Super-lightweight design
  • Highly functional
  • High quality uppers

The Bad Stuff:

11: CALTO T54021 - 2.8" Slip-on Chelsea Boots

These are well-balanced boots and a must-have for pairing with formal wear. They also rock over 2 extra inches of height, without sacrificing comfort. Their functionality also suits someone curious about trying elevator shoes.

They have soft leather uppers, which will stretch and adapt to the shape of your feet. They can be easily slipped on, and the hi-top design with elasticated side panels provides strong ankle support. Inside they are cloth inner lined for additional comfort.

Underneath the rubber sole will ensure your feet absorb the pressure from steps and help with comfort while you get used to walking in them.

Summary: These boots are praised by many for their looks, and how they fit. If you treat these shoes with the care they deserve, they are likely to set new standards for your height-increasing footwear collection!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 2.8 inch (7.11 cm)
  • Easy to use
  • Fit like a glove
  • Perfect for weddings and other formal looks

The Bad Stuff:

12: TOTO D4011 - 2.2" Fashion Sneaker Boots 

These elegant boots by TOTO are designed to match day and nightwear.

They feature suede leather uppers. This is a durable and tough fabric, but also comfortable and will give a smooth feeling around your feet. They are sturdy, with a premium Goodyear welt construction, providing extra longevity for many hours of wear.

They are very discreet with a 0.75 inch outer heel height, which is well within the range of a regular shoe. Nobody is going to realize you are wearing heightening footwear! The rubber outsole will give good traction support and help with abrasion resistance. It will also help absorb the pressure from steps.

Summary: These have to be one of the most versatile-looking boots on the list, with a subtle, yet dominant appearance suitable for many fashion styles. The height increase they provide will be less noticeable, being perfect for beginners and a subtle height increase.

The Good Stuff:

  • Height Increase: 2.2 inch (5.58 cm)
  • Discreet 0.75 inch outer heel design
  • Great for a modest height increase, and for beginners

The Bad Stuff:

  • A lower height increase than the average elevator boot

13: CALTO Y41082 - 3.2" Fashion Sneaker Boots 

In a hurry? These casual mid-top zipper boots will maintain the comfort essential for an elevator shoe, and without having to pull the laces tight! Graceful and stylish in design, they come into their own when paired with some jeans and a smart/casual look.

They sport genuine Nubuck leather. This material is long-lasting, durable, and breathable. They are pigskin inner-lined, which has good aging resistance and will stand the test of time. There is a functional slip-on style and convenient zipper, which ensures speedy use.

They have a Goodyear welt construction, providing superior ventilation over other designs, and the cork footbed will mold to your feet, making them custom-tailored for you, giving extra durability that will enable easy resoling. Having a crepe sole rubberized bottom will soften the more you wear the shoes, providing good traction support and cushioning for your feet.

These are highly regarded for their comfort. Also, if you are looking for a grab-and-go style of footwear, which will give a considerable height increase, then why not give the CALTO Y41082 a shot!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height Increase 3.2 inch (8.12 cm)
  • Very comfortable
  • Works well with a diverse range of clothing

The Bad Stuff:

  • Mentions of running slightly large. Size down if you wear a half size. 

14: CALTO T5101 - 2.8" Boat Style Ankle Boots 

These boat-style ankle boots are a good all-around choice for anyone interested in height-enhancing footwear! 

These boots sport high quality, full-grain leather uppers, and are strong, durable, and highly breathable. The padded collar and lace-up style will keep your feet insulated, with a snug fit. On the inside the felt lining will keep your feet cool and reduce moisture build-up, and the footbed provides good arch support for additional stability. 

By containing a Goodyear welt construction, this enables them to be resoled many times. Also, this helps your boots to be weather resistant. The outer heel is 1 inch, which will help to hide the fact they are height-enhancing shoes, as the height raise is crafted internally, and underneath there is a rubberized sole to ease the pressures of walking.

Summary: These boots are praised for looking classy in person and for being comfortable. They provide the perfect balance of style, comfort, and self-assurance for everyday wear.

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 2.8 inch (7.11cm)
  • High-quality construction
  • Discreet 1" outer heel
  • Look better in person
  • Great for beginners

The Bad Stuff:

15: CALTO 3.3" Cowboy Zipper Boots

Boots that make you taller come in a variety of styles. With a heel height of almost 2 inches, these Western high-top boots are going to lift you on the inside before you even try them on! Available in 3 different colors of brown, black, and blue, so you can add variations for different clothing. 

The hi-top design ensures good ankle support, essential for these types of shoes. Built to last, these boots use genuine Oxhide leather, which is high quality, durable, and easy to maintain. They also feature a soft, cloth inner lining, which will help your feet stay blister-free by cushioning them. 

The sharp, pointed toes will help to lengthen your leg line. Another benefit is that your feet will appear longer, so for those with smaller feet who want a little extra length, this style is an excellent choice! Underneath the rubberized sole will keep your feet free from slipping, and help absorb the impact of steps. 

Summary: These boots are highly regarded in the style department, from the outer layers to the sharp toes and the artistic soles. These boots have been crafted for a boost in not only your height, but your confidence too! 

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 3.3 inch (8.38 cm)
  • Elegant, stylish design
  • They demand confidence 
  • One of the only elevator-style cowboy boots

The Bad Stuff:

  • Take practice to get used to walking in them
  • Reports of them being tight-fitting for wider feet

16: CALTO 3.2" Hiking  Style Boots

Are you are interested in the hiking design plus added height to-boot? Well, these shoes tick those boxes! Available in 3 distinctive color designs, these boots have you covered for a diverse range of outfits.

The faux-suede outers will help your feet to stay comfortable. This is a durable fabric, yet also smooth in appearance, and looks great styling this design. They are cloth inner lined, so will be breathable and help to absorb moisture as they heat up.

The cement construction will ensure a sturdy boot that remains durable - lots of miles are to be walked in for sure! Sporting a rugged rubber sole and a trekking and trail outdoor look, they house the markings of traditional hiking boots.

Summary:  If the hiking style is what you are after then these are one of the only height-increasing options available. You will not be able to hike in them, however, as the height increase is too high and the footbed offers little cushion. 

The Good Stuff:

  • Height Increase: 3.2 inch (8.12 cm)
  • Lightweight on the feet
  • One of the only hiking options available

The Bad Stuff:

  • Not advisable to trek in them (AVIOID)
  • Hard footbed uncomfortable for some
  • 17: CALTO H224312 3.3" Olive Suede Hiking Style Boots

    Featuring a boat moc-toe style, these lace-up grey canvas hiking boots look good, and will also feel it! As expected for a hiking-style boot, these give a generous level of comfort. They are lightweight, you will be able to walk for long distances without straining your feet

    The grey faux suede uppers have varying color tones and look great! Inside the soft lining will help you to adjust to walking in them without getting blisters or hotspots, and other problems caused by hardened materials. They are also double stitched, which will help add a high level of durability and weather resistance.

    Also, with a rubber outsole, these boots will ensure comfort in your steps, by helping to absorb the pressures from walking.

    These hiking-style ankle boots are regarded as elegant and can be styled with many outdoor-looking outfits, for trips to the shops and so on. If you are interested in having a diverse range of height-increasing footwear, then why not add these beauties to your collection!

    The Good Stuff:

    • Height increase: 3.3 inch (8.38 cm) 
    • Great looking 
    • One of the only hiking options available

    The Bad Stuff:

    • Not advisable to trek in them (AVIOID)

    18: CALTO H7222 - 3.2" Black Suede Hiking Boots

    CALTO is diverse in its range of height enhancing footwear and one of the only companies to include hiking style boots in their selection. Suitable for the sun, wind, and rain (watch out for lightning!)

    They are made of faux suede material, a smooth and soft fabric, yet durable and tough, alongside inside padding for a comfortable fit. This model features a cement construction and is double stitched, helping you to stay protected through most weather conditions. 

    They sport a rugged hiking bottom sole. This means your feet will maintain good abrasion resistance and traction control while you are walkingThey will also maintain the robust exterior look of regular hiking boots while doing a good job of hiding the classic ''elevator look'' of some designs. 

    Summary: These rugged boots are regarded as discreet, well-fitted, and give a considerable height increase. Their design is not something you come across every day, so if you like the look, then why not add them to your collection!

    The Good Stuff:

    • Height increase: 3.2 inch (8.12 cm)
    • Classic hiking style
    • Lightweight
    • One of the only hiking options available

    The Bad Stuff:

    • Not advisable to trek in them (AVIOID)
    • Questionable quality of the height-increasing riser - reports of feeling cheap. 
    elevator brown boots for men height increase

    Elevator Boots Buyers Guide

    Are Elevator Boots bad For Your Feet?

    Let's consider Elevator Boots VS Regular Boots. Regular boots add on average between 1-1.6 inches of height and will add slightly more height than some other forms of footwear, and have a slight heel and sloped footbed.

    With an elevated-style boot, the exterior stays loyal to regular boots, but the main difference is that the slope of the footbed is at a higher angle, usually around 15 degrees, and ergonomically designed to eliminate discomfort and risk of injury, and for you to look anywhere from 1-4 inches taller than your barefoot height.

    So, similar to a woman getting used to walking in higher heels, you will need time to adjust to walking in them. In a nutshell, as long as you purchase a high-quality pair and take the time to get used to them, (to see if they work well for you), they should not be bad for your feet. 

    Price VS Quality

    As a general rule, what you pay for is relative to what you will receive. And when considering men's boots for height with custom raises in them, going too cheap is not advisable. 

    A good quality pair of elevator boots will be easier to walk in, fit-to-size, last much longer, and also do a better job of disguising the height gain than a lower quality version.

    Signs of a High-Quality Boot


    Goodyear Welt

    For a boot that will be put through robust activity, a Goodyear welt construction is another sign of quality, being waterproof and durable.

    The sole is not directly stitched to the uppers allowing for easy resoling of the shoe, and this construction can last anywhere from 5-20 years if properly cared for.


    Full-grain Leather

    The uppermost layer of the cowhide, full-grain leather is the most durable and weather-resistant leather available on a boot and also ages nicely over time. 

    However, if comfort and breath-ability are your primary concerns, advancements in fabrics have often been shown to outshine leather in this regard.  


    Suede is also a common boot material. Being soft and luxurious looking, it is also lightweight and great for the Summer months. If you take good care of it it can also be long-lasting compared to cloth fabrics. 

    The downside, however, is that it is not as resistant to the elements as leather, and being more fragile its nap can collect dust and dirt, be water damaged, thus harming the outer appearance if not properly cared for. 

    Faux Leather/Suede

    Faux leather is animal friendly and is a highly popular material due to its inexpensive nature.

    It is a good option for its weather resistance, and its easy-to-clean nature. Due to its lower cost, it can be worn more casually, but it will not be as durable as higher-quality leather. 


    Leather Lining

    Leather lining may feel robust to walk in to begin with, yet it will eventually adapt and provide a custom fit that feels great!

    They also allow air to travel through the shoe, and are moisture-wicking, meaning moisture build-up will evaporate and keep your feet at a stable temp and prevent smells from occurring. 

    Textile Lining

    The animal-friendly option, these linings are also cost-effective and allow for decent comfort.

    However they are not as durable as real leather, and will not allow airflow throughout the shoe, and as a result, smelly shoes and feet are a common occurrence. 

    Height Increasing Layer

    The height-increasing layer is made up of materials such as polyether that offers a soft and sturdy raise that won't break down over time and is slanted at a 15° angle that strikes the golden range for the physiology of the foot, for both health and comfort.

    The height ranges from 1-4 inches depending on the amount of additional height boost you need. 

    There is an insole that is housed on top of the height-increasing layer, and its purpose is to balance the firmness of the raise, absorb shock and add a cushion to your steps. 



    Rubber soles are a safe option for elevator footwear, as they are slip-resistant, offering better grip on potentially hazardous surfaces. They are also shock absorbent, easing strain on your joints while getting used to your new shoes. 


    A leather sole is usually a sign of a good quality shoe, being elegant and feel-good to wear. They will adapt to your foot shape and offer increased flexibility and comfort. They also offer good support for twists and turns. 

    However, they are not the most practical option for general use, as constant exposure to water can irreparably damage them.  

    Breaking Them in

    Optimal comfort can take time. Often lined with robust materials, avoiding blisters when breaking in boots requires skill. The primary areas where your foot pivots are the toe area and the heel area of the boot, and as these are elevator boots with a slanted footbed, they will pivot at a different angle than you have experienced before. 

    So, practice is essential, allowing your body to slowly adapt to a new walking form. Try wearing them around your house for a few hours a time over a week or so to get used to them. 

    It is essential that elevator boots fit your size, even more so than regular footwear. Wearing them indoors will not cause them to look worn, and you will most likely have the option of returning them.


    • Styles such as Chelsea boots often have a pointed toe which can also give off a taller impression. 
    • Boots also have a natural heel that will influence your weight forwards and help you to stand straighter with square shoulders and walk taller.  
    • If wearing them outside then consider taking another pair of footwear with you, as you will most likely suffer if not used to walking in them.  
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