How Can I Help My Kid Grow Taller? (Explained)

We all want the best for our kids, we naturally want them to grow to be mature, making logical decisions in the changing world. We want them to become independent with age, growing with responsibilities and morals to the highest of their ability. All these things are increased with your help, but did you know that you can also influence your child's height to be at least average as a grownup?

How tall your kid grows is mainly determined by genetics (around 80%). The other 20% is determined by environmental factors such as environment, diet, exercise and sleep, all which can influence your child's height and general growth. 

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Average Height of a Child

If you are concerned that your child is not growing at an average rate, then you can check this by referring here.


Helping an Infant Grow Taller

When you ask the question "how can I make my kid grow taller", one of the most effective solutions is free. If you're a parent who encourages your child to exercise in the form of cooperative activities, then there is a greater chance of your child growing taller.  

This forward-thinking activity can become a regular playtime routine for you and your kid before they are old enough to no longer need it. This could increase their chances of growing taller or unlocking potential height, which would be unseen if he or she is only sitting down watching TV or playing games on a portable console.

Anybody that has kids knows that they love to run around, jump up and down and overall are very excitable. This playful mind should be encouraged and tuned into activities to help your kid grow taller. When they are at late infant age, they will have friends and the activities can continue.   

As a Teenager

The chances are by this age your teenagers know what they like, and if it's not healthy foods, good sleep, or activities/physical play that involve minor or major exercise, then this could be tricky.

This relays the importance of encouraging your kids into positive playful exercise at a younger age.

If this is no longer possible, do not give up. There are still many fun activities that a teenager may enjoy which could promote growing taller, even if they may not necessarily be things you can or would want to take part in too. You could also slowly introduce healthier foods o supplements into their diet, which is an easy way to make up for any deficiency's they may have. 

For a growing child/teenager check below for some tips on how to promote growth. 


Simply put, healthy nutrient rich foods will encourage growth

For a child growing up, he or she must get enough protein in their diet. This is especially important throughout early years because this is where they grow the fastest.


Protein intake is a good option to promote growth in your child. If you feed a balanced diet that includes protein daily and you are already making steps towards their growth.

A suggestion would be to feed growing children an egg once daily or throughout the week. Eggs are protein-rich. A considerable amount of the protein in an egg is from the egg white. Eggs are packed with nutrient-rich properties such as B vitamins and other minerals like selenium, copper and iron. It is worth researching each vitamin and mineral individually to become familiar with how to fortify your body.

Salmon is another suggestion, with a healthy amount of protein and also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, all promoting a healthy development. 

Vitamin B6 

Vitamin B6 helps the body to store protein, and works well with protein rich foods such as salmon and eggs. As a general rule, calcium is another vital vitamin to increase bone health and growth/ height. This vitamin is easily found in milk, including milk substitutes or lactose-free products.


Research has indicated that drinking cows milk has growth benefits over other types of milks such as goat or plant based. This is due to the high amount of protein, calcium and phosphorous, all of which will promote bone health and growth for your child. 

Milk also contains phosphorus, keeping teeth and muscles healthy.

Eating Foods such as leafy greens such as kale, spinach and broccoli are calcium rich and promote strong, functional bones. Yogurt also contains a healthy portion. 

Vitamin D

Finally, Vitamin D helps to regulate calcium and phosphate in your body, helping to strengthen bones. The cheapest form of Vitamin D is either via supplements which we will look at in the next topic, or sunlight, yes direct sunlight onto the human body makes our body create Vitamin D.


Whole grain foods such as oatmeal are also important and can be given as snacks or for breakfast, as they contain zinc, iron and other minerals which will also aid bone growth. 


If you feel or have reason to believe that your child will not or does not receive enough of these nutrients for whatever reason, or is suffering from a vitamin deficiency, then there is an even easier solution than purchasing products rich in nutrients.

Millions of people all over the world consume vitamin supplements daily to maintain their energy levels, protein levels, or specific solutions like increasing red blood cells (iron).

These supplements can be bought from several well-established companies that specialize in the health of the human body. There are also child-specific products that will cater to their age group. Through quick research and by one click of a button you will be flooded with choices of what to buy.

The good news is that many of these supplements come in 'multi-vitamin' form which means that one tablet could contain as much as 14 important vitamins for your child's health. Be sure to read the recommended age these supplements are suitable for.  


High-intensity exercises such as jogging/running are activities that shouldn't be overlooked. This will help to build bone mass and also release HGH (human growth hormone), which is required for bone growth. You can encourage your child to stick with a sport he likes that takes place during weekends, when he is not at school.

Any sport which involves stretching your posture can promote height. Heading or sliding in football, jumping and dunking in basketball, or stretching arms reach in tennis or badminton. These sports could start as a hobby or a way of keeping close with friends or even become something more.

Another suggestion for the best height growth could be rock climbing (artificial), which promotes you to stretch your body in multiple different ways in order to reach the top of the constructed rock. The process is safe, with an instructor and roping to avoid any falls.


Stretching helps us to stand straighter, a proper posture is practiced, the more likely your child will be able to measure their maximum height. Many children spend many hours playing computer games and sitting down on their phones. 

For all of us, when sitting down, notice how the legs are positioned, and the position of the hips, back, and neck. Imagine the impact this can have on your body over prolonged periods. 

Regular stretches can help to counter this, and can aid a healthy development into adulthood. 

Importance of Good Sleep

After around an hour of sleep, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is released into the body, which is greatly influential to the growth cycle. So, already you can see the importance of a regular sleeping pattern. Sleep before midnight is the most effective and will provide us with the highest quality sleeping cycle. 

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Treatments to Aid Growth

The 'Human Growth Hormone' (HGH for short) helps to encourage growth. According to the FDA, if your child has a deficiency in this, and is shorter than 97% or more of their peers, then they may require treatment to ensure regular growth is restored. If you notice your child is significantly shorter than his friends or there is a delay in puberty, it is best to consult a pediatrician who will be able to access your situation and advice you on the next steps to take. 


There are many reasonable options that you can take today to make your kid grow taller on a day to day basis. All these things are accessible to the majority of people. Through a balance of nutrient intake, exercise and sleep you will be able to help maximize height gain in your child. The bottom line is that the more you apply to your kids day to day activities, the more likely you will be able to help them be the tallest version of themselves.

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