How Tall is Bowser (His Ever Changing Height)

These days we often see Bowser towering over the other characters in the Super Mario games, and there is no doubting he is a HUGE specimen! But if we travel back in time to 1985 and run through the evolution of Bowser, we can clearly see that he has grown in size and height! 

So let's take a look at the different games Bowser has appeared in and also see if we can manage to make sense of his real height! 

how tall is bowser

The Truth of The Matter

If Mario stands at 5'1-2" as his life-size statues suggest, then Bowser stands at around 10 feet tall. However, if Mario is around 4 feet tall as his appearances in certain video games suggest, then Bowser stands closer to 8 and a half feet tall. 

Changing Height

An issue with understanding Bowser's real height is his changing height from his first video game appearance in 1985, to the present day. 

For instance, in the first Mario Bros game (1983), when Mario is on the screen he barely looks to be the same height as Bowser. Yet, in the New Super Mario Bros. U (2012) Bowser towers over Mario, appearing to be almost 15 foot tall, and when he is enraged he appears between 35-40 foot tall compared to Mario!

This is not an illusion, and is further proven when we count pixel height, as Bowser's height varies throughout different games in relation to Mario's height pixel-wise.

For instance, again, in the first Super Mario Bros game they have the same pixel count, making them the same height, yet in New Super Mario Bros (2006) Bowser is less than 2x taller than Mario pixel-wise, and finally in Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010), Bowser is more than 2x Mario's pixel height.

So, like other Mario characters, Bowser's height seems to fluctuate in each game he has been in, and this also doesn't correlate equally to other character fluctuations.

Take a look at the video below for reference.

The Mario Statue Debate

Outside of the gaming world, Mario's 'life-sized' statues stand around 5'1"-2" tall, yet this height doesn't correlate to how tall he appears in video games.

An example can be seen if we venture into the gaming universe of Super Mario Odyssey (2017) for the Nintendo Switch. For instance, in the game world of New Donk City, assuming male pedestrians are of the average adult height of 5'9-10", in relation to them Mario appears significantly shorter than his 5'1" statue height, at under 4 feet tall.

So, in a similar fashion to Mario, Bowser's statue height would be significantly taller than the height he appears in video games. 

Yet, Nintendo never confirmed the information that Mario is 5'1" tall, and even if they did, it would serve as more confusion to the ever-changing height of Mario characters both inside and outside of video games. 

Which Mario Character is The Tallest?

So based off of appearance, the top 5 tallest main Mario characters are as follows. 

  1. Bowser 
  2. Waluigi
  3. Rosalina
  4. Donkey Kong
  5. Princess Peach/Birdo

Koopalings Height Scale

Bowsers children vary in height. Let's have a look at tallest to shortest based on the game
New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009)

  1. Morton Koopa Jr - He looks to be the tallest of the bunch, but not by much!
  2. Iggy Koopa - If we include the huge yellow hair, Iggy stands taller than any of the siblings, but under it he is still a tall guy, placing 2nd tallest!
  3. Roy Koopa - He appears to be the 3rd tallest Koopaling, narrowly losing out to Iggy!
  4. Ludwig von Koopa. - His big blue hair certainly boosts his height, but under this he is still taller than some of his siblings, placing 4th on the list under Roy! 
  5. Wendy O. Koopa - She stands on the shorter side of the family, but isn't the shortest, standing 5th on the list!
  6. Larry Koopa, - Stands on the shorter side of things at 6th on the list, but with his big blue hair he manages to come to just over the top of Morton's (tallest Koopaling) head!
  7. Lemmy Koopa - the shortest Koopaling, but also arguably the cutest, and standing on his beach ball he certainly makes up for any lost height!


Being a created universe, specifics are usually designed for effect, and this translates to Bowser's height being adjusted accordingly to each game appearance. Yet, he is the tallest Mario character, and in the majority of video games we can guestimate his height between 8.5-10.5 feet tall. 

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