How Tall Was Mac Miller?

Malcolm James McCormick, AKA Mac Miller (1992-2018), was an American rapper and record producer who was hugely successful during his career, and his music continues to be highly popular today, with him being posthumously nominated for a Grammy Award for his final rap album 'Swimming'.

Height-wise, due to his balanced proportions he generally gave off an average impression in his music videos, but when next to other celebs, he sometimes looked on the shorter side.

So the question is, was he a man of average height, or did he fall under it? This page is aimed at finding out his real height by investigating his height claims and also seeing how his height stacked up when compared to other celebs.


What's His Real Height?

After investigating Mac Miller's height claims and also comparing his height to other celebs, I believe that he woke up at 5'6.5" out of bed, dropping down to 5'6.25" throughout the day, and falling to 5'6" at night. Therefore his daytime height was 5'6.25" (168.3 cm).

Autopsy Report

Mac Miller's autopsy report stated that his height was 67 inches (5'7"), and his weight was 159lbs.

However, it is impossible to determine how accurate this height measurement was, and also this number was most likely rounded up to 5'7". Regardless, it does give a general idea of the height range he fell into.  

Height Claim

Google has Mac listed at 5'9" (1.75cm), and to my knowledge, Mac has never even claimed this height!

He did however claim his height In the 2018 song "So It Goes", and at 2:45 of the audio version he says "I'm only 5'7" 'cept I'm feelin' like I'm 7'5".

Mac didn't seem like to be somebody who was height conscious, and he regularly wore thinner style footwear that would not add much height. So, Judging by the other evidence I have found while investigating his height, 5'7" is just a rounded up number, and close to the truth, as he would measure this height when wearing shoes. 

Compared to Other Celebs

Let's compare Mac's height to some other celebs he was commonly pictured with, to gain a better understanding of how tall he really was!

I have also taken into consideration that Miller regularly wore flat style Vans that give 0.7 inches of height, and this would give him a height disadvantage by around half an inch when compared to the Nike sneakers other celebs are usually wearing in the comparison pics.

Wiz Khalifa 6'2.75" (189.9 cm)

Both growing up in Pittsburg and attending the same high school (different year groups), they first collaborated on the song 'Cruise Control' together. When standing next to Wiz Khalifa in various photos, both on and off the stage, Mac looks a consistent 8.5-9 inches shorter. 

So, when compared to Khalifa, this puts Mac's height at anywhere from 5'5.75-5'6.25".

Vince Staples 5'8" (172.8 cm)

Through looking at various clips and photos of them together, such as 'Live at Grand Street Bakery', there is a consistent 1.5 inch difference in height between them.

So with Vince, Mac looks to be 5'6.5" tall.

ScHoolboy Q 5'6.5" (168.9 cm)

ScHoolboy Q claimed that he was "5'6"-5'7" in an interview with Pete Holmes. When collaborating on the song "Melt", when pictured together they look very similar in height. When standing together, however, looking closely I would give the slight edge in height to ScHoolboy, by half an inch.

So, when with ScHoolboy Q, Mac appears to be 5'6" tall. 

So When compared to other celebs, Mac looks to be between 5'5.75" and 5'6.5" tall. 

The Bottom line

After investigating Mac's height claim, and also comparing his height to other celebs, I would say that he woke up at around 5'6.5", falling down to 5'6.25 for the majority of the day, and in the evening he would measure around 5'6" flat.

Therefore on this page, I will list his daytime height as 5'6.25" (168.3 cm) tall. 

A Fun Clip

Clearly, there is no doubting that mac was on the shorter side, yet he was not hung up about it, and in a funny clip of an episode of "Over/Under", Mac Explains why he loves being short (pretending), with lines such as "I would hate to be able to dunk", and "It's so much cooler to look up to people". 

Take a look below! 


Heights Related to Mac Miller

  1. Ariana Grande, Ex-Girlfriend, 5'0.5" (153.7 cm)
  2. Nomi Leasure, Ex-Girlfriend, 5'4" (162.6 cm)
  3. Snoop Dogg, Co-Star: Scary Movie 5 (2013), 6'3.5" (191.8 cm)
  4. Anderson .Paak, Song Collab: Dang!, 5'9" (175.3 cm)
  5. Young Thug, Song Collab: Days Before, 6'3" (190.5 cm)
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