How To Get Longer Legs Without Surgery

If you have ever stood in front of the mirror and said to yourself 'I need long legs', then you are not alone. One of the most desirable traits is longer legs, which not only look great and open up your styling opportunities but also make you look taller!

Fortunately, invasive and painful leg lengthening surgery is not the only way to get longer legs.

Whatever your body type there are several ways to lengthen the appearance of your legs. From exercise which will help to tone and slim down their appearance, to a few simple wardrobe tricks, it is quite possible to have your legs looking like they should be strutting down the catwalk in a matter of months! 

How To Get Longer Legs Without Surgery (Appearance)

Best Exercise For Long Legs (Low To Moderate Intensity Walking)

If you have ever asked the question 'can walking slim my legs', then the answer is a resounding YES! The best Cardio Exercise to create the appearance of longer legs is low to moderate-intensity walking.

By cutting down the fat on your legs you can help them to appear thinner. For individuals within the average body fat range (20%), muscle tissue contributes to 20% of your TDEE (the number of calories you burn each day), compared to the 5% that fat contributes, so walking will help you to lose body fat and tone your leg muscles for a tighter, non-bulky appearance, while also turning them into a calorie burning machine! (1)

There are different types of cardio that you can perform, and one that is recommended by experts for fat burning is fasted cardio (performing cardio on an empty stomach in the mornings) as quickly as you can after waking up, which can help to increase fat burn if combined with walking.

The reason for this is that our body will usually burn glycogen (carbs) first as we perform exercise at a low or moderate rate, however glycogen levels lower as we sleep, so if we perform exercise in the mornings under this condition, the body will use fats as an energy source instead.

Power walking

More beneficial for fat burning than regular walking, power walking is a form of walking that sees you add motion to your arms, which will help you burn a lot of calories. A great way to burn fat faster is to power walk in intervals, where throughout your walk you can speed things up into a power walk for 10-20 seconds per interval, and return to normal walking pace again. Remember to listen to your body, and slow things down if it is telling you to!

Good Form

You must have proper form whilst walking, so you prevent neck, hip, leg, or joint issues and other forms of pain or muscle aches. It will also increase your balance and productivity. 

Focus on keeping your head up, looking ahead, which can help with your balance, speed maintenance to perform longer strides. You should also keep your shoulders down with a straight back, elongating your spine without putting excess stress on your back muscles that improper posture can cause.

You can also try pulling your belly in as you walk which can engage your core muscles and help to alleviate and balance the stress being put on your back muscles. Finally, step from your heels to toes for smooth energy transfer, which can help your feet to stay pain and injury-free. Gently swinging your arms from your shoulders can also help you to balance the rotational motion that occurs as you walk.

Tips To Walk For Lean Legs

What To Do:

  • Set Goals - When first starting, it is advisable to follow a plan which will ease you into your new routine, and also help you to fulfill your goals in a methodical manner
  • Warm Up First - A 5-minute warm-up will provide increased blood flow and joint flexibility, reducing chances of injury
  • Stay Hydrated - Water is an excellent form of hydration, and it can also help our metabolisms speed up to burn fat faster
  • Clothing - Wear moisture-wicking clothing to help you regulate body temperature
  • Team Up With A Friend - Make sure you don't become dependent on them, though
  • Result tracking - You can track your results with a health application, pedometer, or anything that counts the number of steps you are walking per day

What To Avoid:

  • Skipping - will lead to larger calves and a general appearance of bulkier legs
  • Jumping - like skipping, can lead to larger calves and the appearance of legs
  • Squats & Lunges - will build overall leg bulk
  • Running - Running is something that will aid in burning lots of calories, so if you are aiming for weight loss then this can be highly beneficial. However, for the appearance of lean, slim legs, you want to avoid building your quadriceps, so walking is more efficient in this sense.
  • Uneven surfaces - It is advisable to exercise on a flat surface. If you plan on walking or running up the stairs or a steep hill then you will cause muscle growth that can cause a bulky appearance around your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, which you want to avoid if your goal is the impression of length.

Stretching For Longer Legs

Stretching your legs can help you gain motion and flexibility and range of motion, and can help you to walk in such a way that can help you to look like you have longer legs. This will also lengthen the muscles in the legs, and can therefore create a slimmer, less bulky overall appearance.

The 3 muscle groups to concentrate on and one basic stretch for each are as follows:

Thighs - (standing stretch), while standing, hold onto something for support with 1 hand and keep your body straight, and one leg straight while raising the other leg behind your glutes. With your free hand hold the ankle of your raised leg and push towards the glutes until you feel the tightness. Hold for 20-30 secs and release. Repeat as needed.  

thigh stretch for longer legs

Hamstrings - (sitting stretch), sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you, then bend forwards from your waist and hold for 5-10 seconds, then sit back up and repeat 2-3 times. As you first try this stretch you will most likely not be able to reach your toes. Do not force too far forward, as you want to feel a mild feeling of 'tightness' only. 

Hamstring stretch for longer legs and muscles

Calfs - (standing stretch) by facing a wall, place both hands onto the wall, with one foot in front of the other. Then, by keeping your back leg and knee straight, gently kneel forwards with the front leg until you feel the tightness of the stretch through your calf muscle. Hold this for 20 seconds and then release - repeat 3 times. 

calf stretch for longer muscles

Diet (Hand In Hand With Walking)

Diet Is an important part of the process as you are walking, to keep your muscles working properly toned and for your legs to lose unwanted fat. Foods that go hand in hand with exercise to help burn more calories than you are using, and therefore make your look legs longer, consist of:

  • Whole grains such as oatmeal, brown rice, and brown pasta
  • Protein (helps with muscle tone) - this can include lean meats, nuts, eggs (not fried), poultry, fish, and seafood
  • High fiber foods such as  fruit & Veg - increase fullness and improve gut health generally take longer to digest and can help you to feel full for longer periods, and give a nice energy boost, too
  • Lower alcohol intake (no nutritional value)

A balanced, healthy diet of 3 meals a day incorporated into your daily walking routine should see you healthy, happy, and with longer-looking legs in a matter of weeks! 

Style Tips For Longer Legs

Fortunately, these days you don't need tailored pants to have your legs looking energetic and lean (although it does help). So, what clothes help to make your legs look longer and thinner? 

  1. Pants that are high-waisted add length to your legs. Avoid low waisted pants as they will shorten your legs and lengthen the torso.
  2. Wear a belt over your natural waistline, and if you style this right it is very effective.
  3. Wear pants with vertical stripes, as this elongates the look of the legs.
  4. Dark, skinny jeans can help to lengthen the legs, as they will slim their appearance down.
  5. Shorter skirts need to be kept above knee level, which will help to show more of your legs and for them to appear longer.
  6. If you tuck your shirt in it can give the impression of longer legs and a shorter torso.
  7. Wearing monochromatic outfits (single colors) can lengthen your overall appearance, but make sure you add different color shades so you avoid dissolving in yourself!


  1. Wear shoes a similar color to your pants. This can give the impression of elongated legs, as the shoes will not divide your leg line and visually lengthen them out. 
  2. Higher heels are a great way of elongating the look of your legs. The raised angle of heeled shoes will help to push you forwards and help you to stand upright. Further, if you wear heels and match your shoes with your skin tone (nude shoes), your legs will blend with them and give a much longer impression.
  3. Pointed-toe shoes will make your feet look longer and slimmer, and combined with a similar colored outfit can help to lengthen the legs even further! Also, shoes with low vamps elongate the foot (make sure they cover your toes though).
  4. If wearing flats then make sure they are low top as this will lengthen the appearance of your

Longer Legs Than Torso

Longer legs are desirable because long legs are an attractive asset that can be appreciated and showcased more so than a longer torso. They also help you to look taller than you are.

Simply wearing high-waisted clothing is going to ensure your legs are going to look longer than your torso. You can pair this with a belt and a crop top or a tucked-in top to show that length off and accentuate your waistline. You can also extend the look of length through vertical lines, neutral colors, tailor-fitted pants, a nice-sized heel and so on.

Make sure the hem length of your pants is not too long or too short for the style you are wearing as this will blend in nicely with your newfound elongated leg length.

Finally, add some accessories to finish the look - jewelry and a hat should do the trick!


Longer Legs in Shorts

5 tips to make your legs look longer and thinner in shorts are:

  1. Wear your shorts at a higher waist to elongate the look of the legs
  2. Paper-back shorts are longer than average shorts, so if you wear them above the waistline they can further extend the legs
  3. Wear shorts that do not cling to the leg, so your legs look slimmer under them
  4. Wear colors with personality, to add to the summery, upbeat vibe
  5. Add some heels, as this can make your legs look toned and well-shaped

Longer Legs in Pictures

There are some poses that you can perform in pictures to give the impression of longer legs.

  • Side tiptoe - sit down, tilt your body to one side, and tiptoe as if you were wearing heels
  • Legs apart - with your torso facing the camera, and you point your legs away from the camera. You also join the knees together and from the knee down separate them forming an upside-down V shape
  • Stretched leg - with your body facing the camera, stretch your legs out to the side as much as you can without straining
  • Have the camera point up at your body
  • Put one foot in front of the other, or cross your legs

Remember style is a factor as well, so wearing heels, matching color pants and shoes and high waistlines are some of many factors which can also influence your leg length in photos. 


Whatever your body type there are several nonintrusive ways to make your legs look longer. Through a dedicated exercise routine it is possible to slim your legs down and help them to appear elongated. 

However, the fastest and most effective way to give the impression of longer legs is through your wardrobe, and you can easily trick the world into thinking that your legs have grown several inches through the use of correct footwear, color pairing, and even how you walk!


1: The University of Mexico: Controversies In Metabolism

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