How To Grow Taller Overnight (Real Gains)

Unless you are nocturnal or follow an irregular sleeping cycle then night-time is when the body produces melatonin and when we naturally want to sleep, and this is when the body repairs itself.

With regards to growing taller overnight, there is some truth to this, but it is more so down to the action of sleeping than nighttime itself.

Here is How we Can Grow Taller Overnight 

When we sleep, our bodies produce human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone regulates cell reproduction, muscle tissue, and bone density amongst other benefits. If we are still growing, then HGH enables bones to grow longer and assists the body in repairing itself.

how to grow taller overnight

The best time to grow taller is overnight if you are still in your growth period. After we have finished growing, height gain is dependent on external factors such as core strengthening, stretching, following a well-balanced diet perhaps with appropriate supplements, combined with a good quality of rest overnight.

How Much Can You Grow Overnight?

Through puberty, you will grow around 3 inches or 8 centimeters per year (1). This equals to around 0.02 inches per day. Of course, growth will not be equal from day-to-day, but it shows that growing a significant amount overnight is simply not possible. 

Even on the fastest night of growth throughout your entire life, it is physically impossible to grow near an inch overnight. Your muscles would be stretched significantly further than physiologically possible.

Growing Taller Overnight VS During The Day

The act of sleeping is linked more with HGH secretion than with the time of day that sleep occurs. Though, the circadian rhythm (the body's internal clock) dictates when HGH is released throughout the sleep cycle.

One study took 11 night workers and compared them with a day active group who slept once during the night and once during the day, 8 hours apart.

Although growth hormone was released at different periods during sleep for both groups (showing a circadian influence), the same amount was released over a 24-hour period (2).

Sleeping is a primary influence in HGH release and for the body to repair itself. However, if we follow the natural circadian rhythm and sleep at night, our cycles will be more settled and natural, which may have an impact on other factors that are linked to growth.

How to Grow Fast 

There are no secret tips to growing taller, however, we know that sleeping is when HGH is released and this can help us to grow taller overnight. So, what are some of the things that are essential to aid the release of growth hormone?


The correct diet is fundamental in providing nutrients that not only help your body grow, but enable it to gain maximum results from exercise. Calcium intake is an essential ingredient for bone health and although there is little evidence to suggest it will directly make you grow taller, anything developing your bones is a positive thing. Foods that contain vitamin D such as green leafy vegetables will help to absorb calcium throughout the body.

Protein is also a vital component, it provides building blocks for your muscles and bones to grow. Protein can be found in eggs, chicken, natural yogurt, and many other sources.


The most productive time of day to exercise is in the mornings, as this can help you to start your day with a boost of energy and optimism. Performing high-intensity exercise has also been proven to release bursts of HGH, and if performed in the mornings can provide an additional spike of HGH at night (3).

For instance, how to grow taller exercises include high-intensity activities such as jumping, running, or climbing stairs. Combine this with good sleep and it may increase chances of growth.

Try Laying down

By night-time, you will be at your lowest height during the day, and depending on your activity levels you would have lost between 2-3 cm from your waking height in the morning. The reason for this height loss is due to the spinal disks in-between the vertebrae becoming compressed and dehydrated throughout the waking day, and so, your height decreases by night-time.

If you stay up overnight then you will lose a few more millimeters of height, and if you sleep overnight, you will regain any lost height, waking up at your tallest in the morning, and then the cycle begins again.

So, if you were wondering how to grow an inch taller overnight, then laying down might be the answer.

Another tip is to buy a flat pillow, and sleep laying on your back, as this will allow your neck to lay flatter and for your spine to stretch out as you sleep. You should wake up a few millimeters taller than usual if you try this.

make my morning height permanent

Is Night-time Height Your True Height?

You can claim whatever height you measure at any point during the day, as this is a legitimate height you measure. Yet, we tend to lose the most height within the first few hours of waking in the mornings, and then the loss slows down for the remainder of the waking day.

So, given this information, the best practice would be to measure yourself a few hours after waking, and claim this height, as it is closer to the height that the majority of people will be seeing you during the day.

Can You Make Morning Height Permanent?

So, we now know that we wake up after laying down for 7+ hours around 2-3 cm taller than when we went to bed, and that we gradually lose this height gain over the course of the day.

Although it is impossible to make your morning height permanent, there are ways to minimize the loss during the day and to be able to maintain morning height for a longer duration:

  • Avoid heavy lifting and bending, as this can stress the spine and ensure you fall to your 'low' height much faster.
  • Start the morning by performing stretching and strengthening routines, such as Yoga or Pilates. This can help you to retain your morning height because it will strengthen the core back muscles which support your spine.
  • Take cartilage-building supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin. These can help your spinal disks to maintain volume, and stay healthy.
  • Take a meditation break or a nap during the day. If you are reading a book, then lie down. This allows the spine to decompress and stretch out, gaining back some lost height.
  • Drink lots of water to hydrate the body.

Back pain is also something that can make us stoop and appear shorter. The above tips can play their part in easing pain and will help you naturally stand taller.

Combine These Tips With Standing Straight

Working on your posture will help you to stand straighter, which will make you appear taller, as you will be maximizing your height. Try it out, stand up straight, put your shoulders back, slightly pull your stomach in and see how much taller you look and feel when walking about.

Your back muscles may ache a little after a while, but they will get used to this and acclimatize. To help, you can perform a 5-minute exercise routine in the morning to allow your muscles to reprogram and support your spine, enabling you to walk taller permanently.


So, can we grow taller overnight? Night-time is the primary period in which the body releases HGH and also can rest and repair itself. Therefore, if we are still in the natural growth phase, then throughout the night is where the action will be taken to help bones grow longer.

At any age, however, there are things that can help us look and feel taller. For instance, we wake up around 2-3 cm taller in the mornings after sleeping, and with effort, we can maintain more height during the day. This includes performing core strengthening and stretching exercises to strengthen muscles supporting the spine, or taking cartilage-building supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin which will aid spinal functionality.

While we rest, the body processes our efforts and acts accordingly, meaning that results will be shown in the mornings. Sleep can impact posture, bone mass, spinal height, muscular strength, all of which aid us in standing taller. A good night's rest is an essential building block for growth.


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