Kevin Bacon’s Height Blends in Perfectly

Kevin Norwood Bacon is a successful movie star who has had a career spanning over 4 decades, from Friday the 13th (1980) to You Should Have left (2020) he stands as one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood. 

Height-wise, he regularly appears to blend into the crowd in movies, neither short nor tall, although he appears above average more often than below it. 

But how tall is he exactly? Well, let's investigate his height by comparing him to other celebs and some other interesting info, to find out his real height!

kevin bacon height

What's His Real Height

Kevin Bacon is on the tall side for a man of his age, but universally he is the definition of a man who blends into the crowd, standing in the middle of the 5'9"-5'11" broader average range of height for American men. Therefore on this page, I will list his height as 5'10" 177.8 cm" tall.

Height Listing

Kevin is listed on Google as 178 cm, roughly 5'10", which unlike the majority of other celebs is an accurate listing.  

Height Loss VS Age

Even though Kevin is now in his 60s, he does not appear to have lost more than a fraction of height (1cm), which footwear could easily negate. He still looks a similar height to what he did in his younger years and is doing extremely well for his age, as the average man would have lost around half an inch of height by his 60s. 

Kevin's lack of height loss is most likely due to his active lifestyle, including hiking and calisthenics helping him to maintain a lean frame throughout the years, which goes to show the importance of keeping fit and healthy to prevent height loss. 

Compared to Other Celebs

Let's compare Kevin's height to some of his co-stars to gain a better understanding of how tall he really is.

Brad Pitt 5'10.75" (179.7 cm)

Standing next to Brad Pitt at The American Foundation for Equal Rights in 2012, Bacon looks to be half an inch shorter. However, Brad is not standing as straight as Bacon, and Bacon looks to have a slight footwear advantage, so the difference in real height is closer to 0.75 inches. 

So when standing next to Brad, Bacon looks to be exactly 5'10" tall. 

Mark Wahlberg 5'7.75" (172.1 cm)

There are many pics of them together throughout the years. In earlier years, at the 14th annual IFP Gotham Awards (2004), there is a clear difference in height between them, with Kevin being 2.25 inches taller.

In later years, and starring together in the film Patriots day (2016), during the premiere of the film at the AFI Fest, with both wearing regular footwear, Kevin is still a comfortable 2.25 inches taller than Mark. 

So with Mark throughout the years, Kevin looks to be be 5'10" tall. 

Colin Firth 6'1.25" (186.1 cm)

In earlier years, when Kevin was standing next to Colin at the 58th Cannes premiere of their film Where the truth lies (2005), Colin looks to be 3.25 inches taller than Kevin.

More recently, at The Green Carpet Fashion Awards (2017), when pictured together, Colin may have lost some height, as he now looks to be 3 inches taller than Kevin. 

So, when Colin and Kevin have been pictured together throughout the years, Kevin looks to be 5'10"-5'10.25" tall.

The Results - when standing next to other celebs throughout the years, Kevin appears to be between 5'9.75"-5'10.25" tall, with an average of a flat 5'10", and no clear indication of height loss. 

The Day Kevin Looked Short

When first researching this post I stumbled across a pic from 2013, when Kevin presented an ESPY award with Maria Sharapova, which at first made me puzzled at Kevin's height. Then I found out that Maria is actually 6'1.5", and standing at around 6'5" next to Kevin!

Take a look here


Kevin Bacon stands slightly above the average height of an American man and could be considered tall for his age range of 60+. He doesn't appear to have lost a noticeable amount of height, and I believe today he stands at exactly 5'10" (177.8 cm) tall for the majority of the day.

Heights Related to Kevin Bacon

  1. Kera Sedgwick, Wife m. 1988, 5'5" (165.1 cm)
  2. Travis Bacon, Son, 6'0" (182.9 cm)
  3. Sosie Bacon, Daughter, 5'4.25" (163.2 cm)
  4. Sean Penn, Co-star, film: Mystic River (2003), 5'8" (172.7 cm)
  5. Johnny Depp, Co-star, film: Black Mass (2015), 5'9" (175.3 cm)
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