How Men Can Look Taller (Tips and Tricks!)

Over time I've tried different style techniques to look taller.  I'm not alone, and many men wish they could increase their height.

The truth is that this isn't physically possible. But, with some guidance you can make a game plan that will create the illusion of being taller, and it feels great when it works out!

how to look taller (men)

How Can Men Look Taller?

There are numerous tricks to appear taller, such as clothing, accessories and the way you carry yourself. Start with a trip to the barber for a new hairstyle or changing the color of your outfits. The best thing about it is that these are simple style changes which can give you an elongated look and help you to appear taller.

Improve Your Posture

Whether you are standing up or sitting down, an improved posture will make a big difference to your height. This can take some time to practice, but can help the joints and muscles to work as they should and keep you pain-free!

Go ahead and try to stand with a straighter posture in the mirror and see the improvement. Those who carry a good percentage of their height in the upper half of their body can see great results from this!

A man with bad posture with height loss wearing shorts
A man with good posture for height gain

Hairstyles For Short Height Man

A clean and defined shape can help a man's face, neck and head appear elongated.

Shorter sides with a little extra on-top can achieve this, and can help you to look taller! Add a good quality hair product to keep your hair firmly in place and you can be confident walking around a good inch taller!

Avoid long hair (unless you are wearing a top-knot) as this will hide your neck and make you appear shorter. 

Dressing to Look Taller

A shorter man who wears well-fitted and styled clothing will look confident, elegant and smart, showing he is comfortable with his stature. There are different styles of clothes for short guys which can help you to pull off a taller look. 

Vertical lines 

These styles will give the illusion of a taller figure. Avoid horizontal stripes as on the contrary this can give the impression of width rather than height.

Dark colors

It is well known that color combinations of darker colors such as grey, lighter black and navy give the illusion of a taller and slimmer figure and also do a good job at hiding flaws. This will avoid breaking the body line and create a clean, streamlined impression of your body. Avoid going all black though, as this can drown you and make you appear smaller!

Tailored clothing 

When it comes to making clothes fit your body, as can be expected a tailored look is unbeatable as it is custom made to fit you! A proper fit around the shoulders and fitted suit trousers can make a big difference to how people perceive your height. Regardless of this, you will look more styled than 95% of men out there, which speaks volumes about your character. 

Upper Body

V necks - can give the impression of a longer neck.


Shorter shirts will expose more leg and give the impression of length. Avoid long shirts/sweaters/jackets as this can shorten the lower half of your body and you will look broad and shorter. Also, the higher the buttons the better as this draws attention upwards. 


Buttons on your blazer will draw eyes towards them, therefore keep them positioned above the navel to focus attention upwards.

Long sleeves  

Shorter men will generally have shorter limbs, and short sleeve clothing can expose this. Try going for longer and slimmer sleeves which will add length to the arms.

Lower Body


When it comes to how to look taller for men the pants you wear need to fit correctly. Avoid pants that are baggy in the crotch area and too wide for your legs.

Lower rise pants will lower your waistline which will shorten your legs. Short or medium-rise pants will work well for shorter guys as they fit nearer the waistline and therefore don't drop the crotch too low.

man in pants which fit him well and a blue shirt

You also want to make sure that they are not too long and hang much over your shoes. Avoid rolling them at the bottom as this will do you no favors in the style department. 


These are not ideal for shorter men, but if it is hot out there and you feel like wearing them then pair them with shoes that blend with your skin tone, as this can create the impression of longer legs.

Wearing shorts that end above the knee will also help with leg length. Also, a medium-rise is good as this helps keep the waist to crotch length minimal, which will elongate the thigh.  


Shoes for short guys (elevator shoes) are a quick and easy way of appearing taller. If you want to try a pair of shoes that increase height then you will instantly be boosted a few inches. However, if this is not your thing then there are other styles which can help. 

The Blended Look 

Wear shoes and socks that match the color palette of your pants for low contrast. This will give off a blended look and help your legs to appear longer. 

Pointed Toes

This design will help to elongate your feet and therefore lengthen the impression of your legs. Avoid other styles such as rounded or square toes which will shorten the feet and are often suited to wider feet. 

Heeled Shoes 

The raised angle footbed of heeled shoes will help to push you forward and stand upright more so than shoes without heels. This can help you walk with confidence, too. 

Low Top Shoes  

These will lengthen the appearance of your legs, and thus help them to appear longer!


When you are short, keeping your accessories proportionate to your body type and fixed higher up on your body will trick eyes from all angles to think you are taller! Using 3 or less should do the trick, as too many might give off a 'trying too hard' vibe.


An easy, stylish way of adding a few inches, a hat paired with the right clothing will give a vertical look to your frame!


During the colder seasons scarves can give elegance to the upper part of your body and draw attention towards your face. Remember to keep them on the thin side and not too long, as this can help give the impression of a longer upper body. 


It is preferable to not wear belts as they cut your body into 2 sections which can leave you looking shorter. However, If you want to wear one then try to keep it slim and matching the color of your pants for a streamlined look.


Size is key here, make sure your watch fits your wrist nicely and isn't too bulky. 


A well-fitted pair of glasses can also help you to appear slimmer and also pull attention upwards towards the eyes. 

Additional Tips

  • In the winter months, avoid chunky looking clothing such or sweaters big puffy jackets. Instead use internal layering, and this way you can still look slim and stylish without feeling too cold. 
  • Hitting the gym can give you a defined look, drawing attention towards your shape and away from your height. It can also work wonders for your posture, too. 
  • Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can help you to focus on other things in life, and more importantly stop focusing on height. This is one of the most important things to help you to change your mindset, but also one of the hardest to do. 

The Bottom Line

If you are a shorter man and feel like there is nothing you can do to stop thinking about height - think again! You will be surprised at how a few simple style tricks can change things.

So in a nutshell, avoid wide fitting clothing, wear your waistline at your waist (never below) and style everything vertically so you draw eyes upwards. 

Like most things worth having in life it will take some effort, but this will help you to embrace your height and rock it with confidence! 

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