Moon Shoes – What Are They + How Do They Work?

A child's fascination for jumping high and using energy never stops! Kids love trampolines, but sometimes they are not a practical option for the household. 

Moon shoes rectify this problem, providing a safe way for your child to bounce until their heart is content! 

What Are They and How Do They Work?

Moon shoes are similar to having small trampolines secured to both feet. They will provide your child with a bouncing effect that is similar to what a trampoline provides, yet without the danger of falling off of a one!

Your child will not be able to jump much higher than when barefoot, but the anti-gravity sensation moon boots provide allow for enhanced jumping ability, and the sensation of spacewalking on earth (superpowers).

  • They are secured and worn over your shoes by rubber bands (The max shoe size is generally an adult size 8 or 9). However, on some designs even though this is stated, a size 8 or 9 men's shoe does not fit. 
  • They are made up of a strong plastic that is supported by rubber bands that strap from the base housing the shoes to the large and sturdy platform supporting the bounce motion. 


The whole unit weighs around 3.85 Pounds.

Main Base

The shoe is secured with 2 Velcro nylon closure straps onto the main base. The base then uses a number of rubber bands securing them to the platform. 


Moon shoes come with a self-centering shoe platform, aiding balance and coordination. They are very high up off the floor, so a large and supportive high-density plastic surface area is essential to ensure stability while your child is playing in them.


A slip-proof sole is underneath, offering a thick patterned tread and a firm grip and support for active movement.

Rubber Bands + Weight Limit

The rubber bands support weight and offer the bouncing spring effect of the shoes.

IMPORTANT - Regarding your child's weight, when you assemble your moon shoes, the number of rubber bands used to secure the 12 pegs from the shoe base to connect to the platform needs to be taken into consideration.

So, depending on the weight of the child, you may need to use either 1 or 2 bands per peg/slot.

Make sure to check the weight guidelines in the instruction manual for the number of bands to use. 

Guidelines (safety)

Children should be assisted in strapping them into and out of the moon shoes to ensure they are safely fitted. They will also tire quickly due to the heaviness of the shoes and the excess energy needed to play in them, so stay observant so you can stop them from playing at the right time.

Age Recommendation

The recommended age to use moon shoes is for ages 7 years and over.

Weight Limit  

This differs but they generally have a weight limit of up to 160lbs/11 stone/72 kilo. 

Shoes to Wear

It is advisable to wear thicker style sports shoes when using moon shoes as this helps to fill the Velcro straps for firm support. 


Children may need a hand to grab onto while they try to coordinate their steps for the beginning period. 

With such a physically active toy, safety is essential. It will take time to get used to them and to feel comfortable moving, so make sure your child practices on a soft surface that will cushion any falls, such as carpet or grass, before moving into other environments. 

Also, avoid jumping at first, taking small steps, and gradually building up the pace.

A good idea is that when your child is training in the moon shoes, to provide them with elbow and knee pads for added protection. 

Activities to Try in Moon Shoes

Whether playing alone or with friends, simply jumping in moon shoes is pure fun! They are a physical sensory product that produces an anti-gravity effect, so as kids walk and jump it feels like they are walking on the moon! This makes acting the part of an astronaut all the more possible. 

Other Activities Include:

  • Playing hopscotch (coordination)
  • Home-made jumping games such as seeing who can jump the highest/furthest/jumping rope.
  • Dance games can be very fun in moon shoes.
  • Running games could also be fun, but only with sufficient practice first!

Benefits of Moon Shoes

Moon shoes encourage children to develop both physically and mentally, by engaging both the mind and the body. As they have a natural craving to move, jump, run and release energy in general, moon shoes are a great way to aid them to do so. 


Physical Development

They provide a thorough workout by engaging the full body and through weight-bearing, encouraging growth and the healthy development of large muscle groups and bones. 

This can help develop physical ability such as ball sports and athletic performance. 

Sensory Development

They help children in developing vital motor skills such as balance and coordination, by encouraging the body's ability to sense movement through action. This heightens awareness of the environment around them, promoting confidence in physical ability and bodily function.

For this reason, they are often used to treat sensory processing disorders, helping children to engage the muscles and joints, thus responding appropriately to physical movement.

Assembling Them 

When purchasing moon shoes they will need to be manually put together. There is a shoe base, a platform, and 50 rubber bands (with plenty of replacement bands).

  • No tools are required to assemble moon shoes, and they are actually quite straightforward to put together.
  • They will most likely take around 30 minutes to assemble both shoes, so make sure you have the time spare (and patience).
  • The rubber bands usually come with some grease on them to help with elasticity and for stretching purposes, and as your hands will get greasy make sure you are wearing clothes that can get a little dirty. 

A helping hand is always a good hand, and If you are having trouble assembling the shoes then have a watch this helpful video below!

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