Do Bananas Make You Taller? (Solved!)

Do Bananas Make You Taller? (Solved!)

Bananas are readily available and one of the most popular fruits in the world, so it is no surprise to question their benefits, and if they can help with growing taller. It is easy to dismiss this idea as a myth, but when investigating this question it becomes obvious there is a relationship between bananas and healthy development. 

So does eating bananas increase height?

Eating bananas alone will not make you taller. However, bananas do have essential minerals for bone growth, such as magnesium, and calcium, which promote healthy development, and if combined with other healthy foods you will be giving yourself the best chance to grow taller. 

do bananas make you taller?

So how can the vitamins and minerals found in bananas aid the body for stronger bones, and possible height growth?

Bananas Maintain Bone Mass

Bananas contain essential minerals that can help with bone health and can also aid height growth in various ways. 


Bananas contain salts that can help to neutralize metabolic bone-depleting acids which slowly eat away at bones. Potassium is also needed to prevent sore muscles and cramps after a hard workout. Therefore, they are great for helping the body recover and grow stronger.

Pro-biotic Bacteria 

Bananas feed healthy probiotic bacteria in the gut which can, in turn, help the body to absorb more nutrients such as calcium, which is essential for bone maintenance and health.

They also have a little amount of calcium in them, and while this isn't enough to make a powerful impact on the bones, this shows that alongside feeding positive bacteria they are also helping to feed the body to grow.


Bananas contain calcium, and bones are the part of the body that stores the most calcium. This is why it is so essential for growth, as feeding the bones the correct way can help them grow faster. 


Another mineral found in bananas, working hand in hand with calcium by helping to draw calcium from the bloodstream into the bones. This helps to prevent the onset of osteoporosis by maintaining bone density.

It is best taken as a 2:1 (calcium/magnesium) ratio, which bananas fail to provide, but with a generous level of magnesium per banana (around 32mg, 20% daily recommended amount) they provide a great base to combine with foods containing calcium. 

Try Green Bananas (Plantains)

If you are looking for a variation of the banana that will help your body absorb more vitamins and minerals, then plantains contain short-chain fatty acids which make them 2x as effective for mineral absorption, and therefore for strengthening bones. They have a similar amount of magnesium, carbs, fiber, and calories than bananas per weight, but they are also bigger so will give more per fruit.

Bananas Aid Exercise For HGH Release

There is a reason you see tennis players eating bananas, as well as other sports professionals, as eating a banana before and after exercise is a great sugar and carb source.

During high-intensity workouts muscles need to be fueled at a steady rate, and bananas are an almost perfect energy source. This is because the muscles use glycogen stores to fuel them during workouts, and bananas help replenish these so your body can heal faster. 

Bananas are an easy fruit to digest and due to the fiber content slowly release sugar in the bloodstream, preventing an unhealthy spike of sugar, so are a great pre and post-workout food.

Exercising at a higher intensity is known to help release growth hormone, which is a vital component in maintaining bodily health, by regulating muscle, tissue and bone mass development. So if bananas are added to workouts they will provide a slow energy release and help with endurance and to make sure you maximize those reps!

How Many Bananas to Eat For Height Growth?

This depends on what you are doing. The recommended intake is one to two bananas per day, which will be sufficient to gain the maximum nutritional benefits a banana can provide per day.

Eating Them Alone

Eating bananas alone will not make you taller and is not advised, as they work best when part of a balanced diet. Eating 1 or 2 bananas a day is sufficient for the height benefits they will provide.

If you overeat bananas then you can cause imbalances in blood sugar and nutrients which will have negative knock-on effects on health. You will also gain weight. The same applies to any food, and everything should be eaten in moderation and balanced with other essential vitamins and minerals to maintain peak health.

Combined With Exercise

For exercise, it is fine to eat one banana 30 mins before working out and before 30 mins after working out, which will aid the body by promoting energy boost, muscle function, and repair. The body is working harder so two bananas timed just right is perfectly fine and healthy. In this instance, there is no need to eat more than this per day.

Overeating any food can contribute to weight gain and imbalance leading to nutrient deficiencies.

Do Banana Shakes Help You Grow?

A banana shake can assist in height increase, but will not directly make you taller. A regular banana shake will often contain a decent amount of milk, which is rich in calcium and works well alongside the magnesium in the banana helping to release the calcium into the body.

This can promote bone health and strength, and if combined with good sleep and exercise could be beneficial for height growth. Add some whey protein into the mix to aid muscle growth and repair and you could be onto a winner with this one.

The Perfect Banana Blend For Height Gain

For the best chances of growth, try and add these nutrients into your diet! 


With the magnesium bananas provide, a calcium source would fit perfectly to be absorbed by the body. Green leafy veg such as broccoli or kale (avoid spinach as it holds onto calcium), or a portion of milk will work well alongside bananas.


Proteins carry amino acids which contain hormones and antibodies that can stimulate the body to grow. Milk has a healthy amount of protein, as do foods such as nuts. Other foods that contain protein include lean meats, fish, seafood and eggs.

Vitamin C 

Other important foods for growth are ones that are rich in Vitamin C, as this aids cell growth, tissue repair and also helps produce collagen which helps with calcium absorption and bone mineral density being one of the building blocks for strong muscles and bones. Foods including vitamin C include grapefruit, strawberries kiwis, and oranges.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital for growth, as the body uses it to absorb calcium and therefore help develop bones. An insufficient amount of it can stunt growth (1). If you are out in the sun then you will get a plentiful amount of Vitamin D as the body will naturally produce it, but regarding foods, this can be found in foods such as egg yolks.


Arginine has been shown to stimulate growth. It is an important amino acid that acts to multiply cells multiplication of cells in the growth plates so bones can grow. Nuts and seeds are high in it can also be found in growth drinks for children and is something to add to your diet alongside bananas for height growth. 

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is also something essential for height growth, as it activates proteins that help calcium absorb into bones and is essential for calcium to do a proper job. This can be found in foods such a dairy products, egg yolks, and chicken.

Both Arginine and Vitamin K2 are recognized as important nutrients that help build stronger and longer bones (2). While alone 1 nutrient or mineral is not going to make you taller, combine the above into a healthy eating regime alongside bananas and this can be beneficial for height growth.

One idea to get a healthy dose of the above nutrients in a single meal would be a breakfast cereal in combination with nuts, strawberries, bananas and milk. 

What About Other Fruits?

Eating fruit alone will make you taller, but for bone health, mass, and growth structure, calcium is an essential mineral that can be found in fruits such as dried-out raisins, apricots, and figs, alongside other foods to help you grow taller.

The Bottom Line

Bananas are not a magical fruit that will make you grow in height without consuming any other foods. But they pose health benefits that can help to maintain healthy bones and a healthy gut that enables better absorption of calcium and protein, all of which promote growth.

Activities such as high-intensity exercise have been proven to help release growth hormone, and bananas greatly aid exercise by giving the required energy pre and post-workout while also helping to fight against muscle cramps and by aiding muscle repair.

With so many benefits it is no wonder they are a preferred food for athletes around the world, and as part of a healthy diet, they are a vital component that can work alongside other food sources for height gain.

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