About Jonathan Lee

Jon Lee is the height & shoe enthusiast behind this site. He’s in charge of all content and editing.


Ever since a child I have had an avid passion for all forms of height and shoes, and it shows no signs of slowing down! 

My love for height starts with me. I stand at roughly 5'8" (172.8cm) - slightly under average for a Western male. I have never really been short, but always wanted that extra inch of height to feel 'normal'. 

So, I started testing out shoes that made me taller, and over the years I have gone through 100's of pairs. Most brands have thicker designs providing more height, and I'm always trying to find and test them!

Fortunately everything has a height, from celebrities, buildings, animals, cars, trees, famous monuments and so on, and this is my space to provide as much detail about my passion as possible. 

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