How Tall is Harry Styles?

Harry Styles is an English singer whose height is a bit of a mystery. Over the years he has sometimes appeared both shorter or taller than average. Of course, when he first shot into fame he was 15/16 years old and still growing, but this is not the only reason his height has fluctuated over the years.

It all becomes a little more understandable when we look into the real heights of the famous people surrounding him, alongside tricks used to give the illusion of a taller figure.

So is Harry Styles 6 Feet Tall really?

The simple answer is no, his real height is around 5'10 (177.8 cm), and not even close to 6 feet (182.88cm). Yet, there is a good reason why people think he is this tall, as he has claimed 5'11" (180.3 cm) and 6 ft in the past, and media outlets also regularly list him at 6 ft. Also, the majority of his One Direction bandmates and some of his taller ex-girlfriends inflate their height by a few inches, making the illusion of 6 ft all the more believable.

harry styles concert

So Why is He Listed This Tall?

Due to his slender frame, big/tall hair, and Cuban heeled shoes, the illusion of being taller has not been a problem for Harry. Also, if we take a look at the celebrities that he has been linked with over the previous decade, we can see that they too often inflate their height, feeding the illusion of a taller Harry.

This is why it is not surprising his height has been blown out of proportion and that he is officially listed as 6 ft tall. This has been spread around the internet, with different media outlets describing him as this height (1).

He is The Tallest Member of One Direction

He is the tallest member of his boyband One Direction, who all measure shorter than Harry. They also inflate their heights. Let's take a look at the real heights of the members.

Zane Malik

5ft 8 (172.1 cm) - claims 5'10 (177.8cm)

Niall Horan

5ft 8 (172. 8cm) - claims his real height

Louis Tomlinson

5ft 7.75 (172.1 cm) - consistently claims 5'9" (175.2 cm) and above

Liam Payne

5'9.25 (176 cm) - has previously claimed over 6.ft (182.88 cm) 

What we can take away from this is that 3 of the 4 other members of the band share almost identical heights of around 5'8" (172.88 cm). The 4th member, Liam Payne, is the closest to Harry's height, but still around 3/4 of an inch shorter.

The most resounding thing is that 3 out of 4 of the members claim 2+ inches taller than they really are. This is one of the most famous boy bands of recent times, and their heights will be imprinted in people's minds. As Harry styles is the tallest member, noticeably taller than the rest, and with the rest of the band claiming heights that are 2-4 inches taller than their real height, this allows Harry to be perceived as taller than he is - by also inflating his real height.

On the flipside, however, Harry Style's Asgardian bodyguard is around 7 ft (213 cm) tall, making Harry seem tiny in comparison! 

Heights of Women He Has Dated

For further examples of height inflation and comparison to Harry's height, let's take a look at 3 of the taller famous women he has dated.

Olivia Wilde - 5ft 7 (170.2 cm) 

Harry's current flame (2021) is listed at her real height. When looking at pictures of her and Harry, when she is wearing 3 inch heels, he tends to wear really thick footwear, giving around 1.5-2 inches of height boost. This makes him comfortably taller by 1-2 inches.

Kendal Jenner - 5'9.25 (175.8 cm)

The model is listed at 5'10.5 (1.79 cm) tall, but in reality, is closer to 5'9.25 (175.8 cm). She rarely wore heels with Harry, and consistently looks around 1 inch shorter than he does in pics. 

Taylor Swift - 5'9.25" (175.9 cm)

The singer is listed at 5'11 (180.2 cm) but in reality, is closer to 5'9.25" (175.9 cm) - almost a 2 inch difference! When dating, Harry often matched his footwear with hers. So, if she wore flatter footwear then so would he. If she was in heels then so was he. In pictures with similar footwear, there is a consistent 1-1.25 inch difference between them.

These are all tall women, and Harry still manages to somehow look taller most of the time. When you look into it, however, we see they are often either officially listed a few inches taller than they really are, or over-inflate their height by a few inches, which side by side with Harry's 6 ft listing, makes perfect sense.

There is a height game being played here, and the consistency of him looking around an inch taller is due to a special secret.


So, What's His Secret?

Being in a similar height range myself (almost identical, in fact), to Harry, I can safely say that about 5'10" is the crossover barrier from looking average, to looking taller for a man (with average proportions).

In this height range (177-178 cm's), footwear makes a huge difference in how tall you are perceived. I have both worn flater shoes such as converse and have been called "not very tall", and the next week worn taller 1.6 inch Nike 720's and Timberland Tackhead boots and have had the same person looking at me with perplexed eyes calling me tall!

It is not only the perception of others that changes, but also your own perception, as with flat VS thick footwear suddenly you are going from looking below the eyes of a 5'7" woman wearing 3.5 inch heels, or a 5'6" women wearing 4.5 inch heels, to just above her eyes. 

When you comfortably clear the 5'11 (180.3 cm) height range in shoes things become more difficult to judge, as you are moving away from average height, and less people are going to be at this height, and perception changes. 

What Shoes Does Harry Wear?

Similar to Jim Morrison, Harry regularly wears a Cuban heel similar to the one shown the picture. 

These shoes give around 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) of height, but he also wears higher styles that provide up to 2 inches (5.1 cm) of boost. 

In these shoes he will be standing between 5'11.5-6 ft (181.61-182.88 cm). Add a slim build and big hair into the frame it is going to be very easy to trick people into thinking he is 6 ft tall. 

cuban heel shoes 1.5 inches for man

So there we have it, the story of Harry Style's height. He is by no means a short man, being slightly over average at approximately 5'10" (177.8 cm tall) during the day, and he probably wakes up nearer 5'10.75" (179.7 cm) and holds an easy 5'10 throughout the day until the evening. 

Either way, this is a far cry from the 6 ft tall that the majority of people seem to think he is.


Below is a video of the height illusion in full swing - enjoy!


1: Harry Styles

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