What Jobs Are Good For Short People? Interesting Ideas!

What Jobs Are Good For Short People? Interesting Ideas!

Whether it is reaching that top shelf in a supermarket, or cleaning tall cabinets and cupboards, some are able to reach higher than others. This is just one example of how height comes into play in our daily lives, and the same applies in specific job fields.

Some jobs suited to short people are a jokey, long distance runner, fighter pilot, hairdresser, a clothes model for shorter people, also jobs which require you to fit into small spaces, such as wielding, plumbing, electrician and finally jobs which require balance, such as dancing, choreography and hunting. 

The best jobs for short people

If you are working 5 days a week in a job where height constantly affects your ability to do something, then you will not be satisfied, and constantly reinforced that your shorter stature is of a disadvantage. Conversely, some jobs play to your advantage if you are shorter, and this will be explored in this article. 

Does height affect job opportunities?

Generally speaking, in the USA (a higher developed country) anybody who is under 5'7 would be considered shorter or short, yet this is around average height in many Asian countries.

Therefore jobs will differ in height requirements depending on your country of residence. So, it is important to get your info before deciding to apply or not. 

With most jobs, they will not require you to be a certain height and anyone can be thoroughly successful at them. However, some jobs with height requirements because added height is needed daily for improved visibility, maneuverability, convenience, and performance outcome. 

Are Taller People More Successful?

At face value, to look at height as inferred success is inherently wrong, as overall success should be measured on merit and outcome AKA proof.

Rather than to think that she or he is successful because they are tall, it may be due to other factors such as confidence, determination, body language, what they say, or simply how they perform. Perhaps you have had relationships with taller people and can relate to this.

Having said that, 'The Independence' (newspaper) wrote in March 2016 about how 'The British Medical Journal' deemed factors such as BMI (Body Mass Index) to play a role in success (1). The study measured 120,000 Britons aged 40 - 70 and concluded that height plays an important role in determining your socioeconomic status, and that being shorter contributed to lower levels of education, job status, and income.

Jobs Where Height Doesn't Matter

There are many jobs where height is a non-issue, and that allows you to prove your merit and your worth through hard work.

If you are aiming high, then seek higher responsibility and prove through action and outcome that you are the right person for the job. In most cases, height will have very little to do with your ability to do the job properly.

These jobs range from those that benefit the community, and also many other important job fields, such as construction, engineering, and so on.

Public Service

Jobs may include: 

  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Paramedic
  • Teacher
  • Psychologist
  • Rehabilitation specialist,
  • Animal control officer
  • Charity workers


Some other ideas include: 

  • Personal trainer 
  • Dancer
  • Delivery driving
  • Office work
  • Entrepreneur
  • Gymnastics
  • Diving
  • Chef

Jobs With Height Requirements

Some jobs do have a height requirement in order to apply for them, and below are a few of them.

Flight Attendant

You will need to be tall enough to reach the overhead bin and maneuver items, yet not overly tall so they are cramped walking down the aisle.

Most airlines will have height requirements, with a lower and upper range of around 5'2 and 6'2. 

tall flight attendant on airplane

However, these requirements will differ between airlines, so be sure to check before becoming disheartened. Also, some airlines will only require a flight attendant to be able to reach a certain height, rather than be of a certain height.

Fighter Pilot

Currently, applicants who wish to join the US Air Force for fighter pilot training need to be between 5'4 and 6'5 tall when standing, and 2'10 to 3'4 when sitting.

However, if you do not meet these requirements then you can apply for a height waiver, as recent aircraft seats can adjust in height.

US Military Enlistment

For the armed forces men need to be between 5' to 6'8 and women need to be 4'10 to 6'8. For the Marines, men need to be between 4'10 and 6'6 and women from 4'10 to 6'. 


Depending on the type of modeling you will be applying for, height may or may not be a factor.

If you are modeling on social media sites then this will rarely, if ever be a problem. But, if you want to be a fashion model walking down the runway then there are usually height restrictions, which for women will be around 5'9-6' and for men 5'11-6'3. 

Best jobs for tall people

For commercial modeling, according to the industry sample size, this slightly drops to 5'5-5'11 for women and 5'8-6'2 for men. Of course, this will differ depending on the agency in question.

Filming Industry

If you want to be an actor, then being shorter is suited to certain roles, yet if you are shorter and you were to apply for a job in a TV studio as part of the camera crew, although it is not impossible, the likelihood of being granted this job may be less likely when competing against those who are taller. The reason for this is that filming sometimes requires long angle shots and long angle holding of the microphones, which if you have ever seen one, are rather long instruments. Here a taller individual would benefit most from maneuverability.

Changing Times

Times are changing, so be sure to check the latest requirements for jobs you are interested in. For example, it was once the norm that NYPD police officers were required to meet a height requirement as an indirect measure of competence.

However, this has since changed as legislation has moved towards equality and the need for the police population to be more representative of the population as a whole. Nevertheless, this may still be the case in lesser developed countries or countries managed in a different fashion.

Jobs Suited For Short People

Just like there are jobs suited for taller people, there are jobs that are suited to shorter people, benefiting from shorter leg length and arm span. The jobs that are good for short people may depend on several factors. 


The height and weight of the jockey (4’10” to 5’6” on average) is the easiest variable to control to increase the speed of the horse. Here a tall or taller person would be considered a handicap.


A job that requires you hunching over is going to cause discomfort for a taller person. Being short is a benefit when it comes to hairdressing, as your clients will be sitting down, and you will easily be able to reach the top of their heads without feeling awkward. 

best jobs for shorter legs

Jobs Which Require Balance

A short height allows better balance, and therefore a better chance of staying on your feet. Jobs involving dancing, choreography, hunting, and so on can all run to your benefit.

Work To Your Advantages

Let's use the example of sports. If you are playing a team game, although it may be highly unusual for a shorter person to become professional, if you play to your strengths and select the right position for you, it is still possible you can play at the highest level.

For example, in a sport where the average player is around 6'7, a player named "Muggsy Bogues", who was 5'3, had a lengthy NBA career playing the position of point guard, cooking up a career average of an impressive average of 7.6 assists per game. By using size to his advantage, he was a great passer and stealer. The moral of the story is that with self-belief, you can work around most things, even if the odds are stacked against you. 

Looking Taller For a Job Interview

So does height matter in job interviews? The short answer is no. The main thing here would be to enter the scenario undefeated, whether you get the job or not, whether you have applied for hundreds of jobs or not. What I mean by this is you do not want to walk into the room with a defeated posture.

So, stand up straight with your shoulders back and walk with confidence, which is the right way to confront the world.

Also, be sure your outfit has a theme to it, such as matching themed colors, which can create a smart, streamlined appearance. You can add some elevated shoes for a boost in height. Then you are ready from the top-down, and from the bottom up.


There are specific job fields with height requirements or restrictions. However, these can be seen as extremes. Most jobs will not acknowledge height or BMI as a factor that determines job outcome.

Most office jobs require extensive durations on the computer, whether it is data entry, accounting, architecture, or countless other tasks. Your ability to excel in these jobs will not be determined by height, so the world is your oyster, and you can play towards your strengths, which can include being shorter. 



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