Which Shoes Make You Taller? (Not Elevator Shoes)

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which shoes make you taller?

A little extra height can go a long way. Not only can it be the difference in how you are perceived, but there are other benefits such as helping your clothes look more proportionate.

All of a sudden that blazer which looked slightly wide around the shoulders will look balanced and fitting - it is amazing what an inch or two of added height can do!

The average shoe boosts your height between 0.75" and 1". If you are on the shorter side then even half an inch can make a difference to how you feel, pushing you through a threshold to be eye-level with someone taller than you.

When you ask yourself the question "which shoes make you taller?", it can be a daunting and tiring process looking for footwear that adds a little more height.

Below are some shoe brands that will boost your height by up to 2 inches. They provide shoes with thicker heels and insoles which will make you stand taller than wearing average footwear.

Nike Shoes

Nike shoes will often give you a decent boost in height when compared with competing brands.

This is because they favor thick midsoles, alongside foam and air units. 

nike air max 720 makes you taller and stylish

Styles to look out for consist of the AirMax range, with shoes containing Air Max cushioning units, which seem to get bigger as time goes by! Some styles have recently been filled with 200% more air in the units, meaning a bigger boost in height!

The Nike Shox range has thick, flexible columns with moderator plates, helping you to have a comfortable user experience while giving a good boost in height. They are often reinvented with new technologies and aesthetics, but still maintain the thick plates, and therefore you can be safe in knowing that whatever version of Nike Shox you choose, you are going to get a good boost.

Adidas Shoes

Adidas shoes are great for sports and activities such as jogging/running and the gym. They often have thicker midsoles to cushion steps that house modern technologies such as boost foam, which is designed to absorb downward impact and return energy to the user, thus enhancing performance. Also, cloudfoam is sometimes used for lightweight and highly comfortable underfoot cushioning.

For height gain, the thicker models that use these technologies generally give between 1-1.4 inches of height boost. This is definitely noticeable over the average sneaker, however, Nike styles and other sneaker designs will give a slightly larger boost.

Western Boots

Western boots are known for their angled "cowboy" heel which will usually be around 1.5 inches of height, and run up to about 3 inches for those looking for an extreme boost. These work great paired with a casual denim-inspired outfit, or to complete a look on the daring side, such as a leather biker jacket and khaki jeans.

western boots that make you taller styles

They also pair well with formal attire, as the centerpiece of a suit, for a timeless, neat look. In other words, if you style them right then nobody is going to question you using them solely to boost your height.

Cuban Heels

Similar to the heel used on Cowboy boots, the Cuban heel measures anywhere from 1-2.5 inches and features a slightly tapered back and a straight front. They will give a nice boost in height and are highly fashionable, instantly dressing up just about anything for a super sleek, modern feel.

Another benefit is that heeled shoes for men will push your center of balance forwards and help you to stand straighter, maximizing the height boost and leave you walking taller with confidence!

Work Boots

Working boots for men often have a chunky heel and midsoles, with additional inner layers of protection, such as cushioned insoles, which in turn will give you a good boost in height.

Due to advancements in technology and the manufacturing process, newer styles have become a lot less robust looking, and therefore they can be paired with casual outfits for style purposes. If you live in a colder climate and need something weatherproof that boosts your height, then working boots are a viable option for you.

Platform Shoes

Some of the best shoes that make you taller are suited for special occasions, such as party nights and Halloween. They feature raised platform at the front of the shoe, and at the back, so therefore your foot will be even higher off of the floor than in a standard pair of heels! They give the highest boost any footwear will achieve!

Often creative in design, the platform shoe is designed for a flamboyant style and personality. If you want to boost your nights out in more ways than one, then there is no better footwear to rock!

Other Styles

Many companies are producing thicker heeled shoes as a fashion statement as there is a growing trend of thicker-soled footwear.

Also, as technology evolves alongside a growing understanding of foot health, cushioning is becoming an important factor, with many shoes getting thicker soles as a result. There are also some surprises, which have very thick insoles and regular-looking outsoles.

shoes with thicker soles

Height Increasing Insoles

There are many variations of height-increasing insoles, and choosing the right pair for you may take some trial and error, to find the balance between the perfect height increase and comfort. They come in varying heights, usually anywhere between 0.5 inch and 2 inches of gain. The lower height designs will fit any shoe, but higher increases will require hi-top footwear to support the ankles.

Some examples of different styles include those designed to cushion the heel area, those in segments for adaptable height, those for use in the gym while lifting weights, and those of full length and designed for maximum comfort.

Additional Tips

  • Another way of boosting your height is to add a thick aftermarket insole, which can make you look taller while providing superior levels of support. 
  • If you have a favorite style of boot that has a lower heel, then you can go to a cobbler and modify or add a thicker heel altogether, which will give you an added boost in height. 
  • It is common for footwear to have thicker or thinner insoles than the outers suggest. Therefore it is advisable to not judge the height of the shoe from the heel height. If possible then go to have a look around the shops, as you might be surprised at what you find!
  • It is not easy to find a shoe that adds the perfect height, is comfortable, durable, and can work with a diverse set of outfits. If you do find a company that produces the perfect pair for you, then make sure you stick with them and get to know their style range, and keep up to date with what they have to offer.
  • This might surprise you, but once I received 2 pairs of the same boot with a significant heel height difference. So, if ordering directly from a manufacturer online then you can email them and ask them to send you a variant with a thicker heel. It might also be possible for you to ask them for a custom-made boot, with the heel height of your choosing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Air maxes make you taller?

Nike's Air Max range is a good choice as shoes that make you taller for men and women. For example, the Air Max 720 gives 1.5 inches of height boost and is highly comfortable and supportive too. There are many more styles from the Air Max range which give around 1.4-5 inches of height increase, so be sure to check them out

Do white shoes make you look taller?

If you pair white shoes with a similar color outfit then the neutral coloring will create a streamlined appearance and extend the visual length of your legs, and long legs will give a taller impression.

Make sure to keep them clean, as the vibrant look and feel adds to a look of confidence which can also trick the mind into thinking you are taller than you are.

How can I look taller? 

There are many style tips and tricks to look taller. From wearing well-fitted and neutral-colored clothing, or styling your hair up. You can also work on your posture, with strengthening exercises that will help you to stand straighter throughout the day. 

The footwear you choose to wear is important. There are thicker soled shoes for men and women and also many styles of elevator shoes available in 2021. Incorporating a combination of these tricks will mean you will look 2 inches taller than you are. 


Shoes will add anything from 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches. Boots will generally add from 1 inch to 1.75 inches of height. Some exceptions will add either less or more height, but in general, these are the ranges of height shoes and boots will provide.

If you are wondering how to look shorter or taller, then depending on the footwear you choose to wear you can appear shorter or taller. For example, if you choose to wear a 0.5-inch shoe then you will appear 1 inch shorter than if you were to wear a 1.5-inch boot.

Will people think i am wearing shoes with thicker heels for height gain?

These days shoes are more of a fashion statement than ever before, and it is becoming increasingly normal for thicker-soled footwear to be worn. If you look around you when you are out and about you will notice shoes of all shapes and sizes.

So, if you choose shoes with thicker-looking midsoles solely to increase your height, then take that thought from your mind, pair them with a matching outfit and you can rest assured nobody is going to think that you bought them mainly to increase your height.

Elevator shoes (designed to increase height) have also evolved from their bulky beginnings, and many styles are now inconspicuous in design, with lower outer heels and a less bulky appearance. So, once you have gotten used to walking in them you can rest assured nobody is going to realize you are wearing them (unless they have them too) and it's not a bad thing to meet a like-minded person! 

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