Best Men’s Cuban Heel Shoes

Cuban heels (otherwise known as Latin heels) have been used for centuries by both men and women and give a nice boost of height without needing added insoles. They are also fitted on different styles of footwear such as western boots.

In terms of characteristics, designs come in variations of a lower or higher ankle fitting and they generally have a slightly pointed toe, a distinct heel with a slightly tapered back from top to bottom, and a straight front. The heel typically measures 1.5 to 2 inches in height. So if you are looking for a height boost then Cuban heel shoes are a great way to add height!

On this page, we have chosen some great-looking boots that are going to make you stand taller while maintaining comfort and good looks! 

Cuban heels that make men taller

Top 3 Tallest Cuban Heel Shoes (Quick Overview)

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1: Rui Boots

3 inch (7.62 cm)

2: Grinders

2.5 inch (6.35 cm)


2.5 inch (6.35 cm)

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1: Florsheim Duke Mens Boot Shoes

A must for every gentleman's wardrobe, this Florsheim boot oozes class with a stylish profile and top-tier construction which will serve you well.

The uppers are made from lightweight kidskin leather, which is known to be durable, supple, and to accommodate your foot shape for a snug, custom fit. There is also a stylish side zipper for easy on-off. The inners are leather-lined throughout the boot which will provide you with added breathability.

The heel measures 1.75 inches, and combined with the 0.75 inches cushioned and non-removable footbed you will get near 2 inches of height increase, which you will notice! The leather sole will flex with foot movements and just adds to the overall quality of this boot.

Summary: If you fall in love with these then they feature various color styles, all of which look elegant and will provide a fine finish for your outfits. These are highly recommended for comfort, style, and a considerable height increase.

The Good Stuff:

  • Heel height:  1.75 inch (4.4 inch)
  • Shaft Height: 6.75 inch (17.1 cm)
  • Comfortable
  • High quality material construction 
  • Considerable height increase  

The Bad Stuff:

  • If you have wider feet or toes then order wider, but not larger than your normal size

2: OSSTONE Dress Chukka Designer Boots

This is a classy looking boot that gives off a distinct, masculine vibe. If compliments are what you are after then these will get them, and alongside this you will receive a considerable boost in height.

The uppers are constructed of full-grain and natural-looking nappa leather and have a distressed suede appearance which is smooth to touch and nice to look at. On the inside they are leather-lined for a cozy and comfortable feel. There are also comfortable insoles that will keep your feet free from fatigue, and a convenient side zipper for easy on and off.

The heel measures in at approximately 2.25 inches, which is high and visually striking, but without compromising on stability. The rubber cap on the heel ensures traction support and also that they so not make the "click-clack" sound of higher heels when walking.

These masculine looking boots will elevate your style and height all whilst remaining comfortable to walk in. There are multiple style options, so if these are the boots for you then they can continue to be so for all of your outfits.

The Good Stuff:

  • Heel height: 2.25 inch (5.7 cm)
  • Shaft height: 7 inch (18 cm)
  • Strike a fine balance between elegance and masculinity

The Bad Stuff:

  • Some reports of construction issues

3: LIBERTYZENO Side Zipper Ankle Boots

These boots strike a fine balance between build quality and affordability. They will serve you well for special occasions and times where you want a little added height.

The leather uppers will fit snug and gradually confirm to the shape of your feet. On the inside they are leather-lined which will feel soft and cozy. Moving to the side of the boot there is a convenient zipper for ease of use.

They are a good entry-level design for those looking to dip their feet into the waters of higher heeled boots.  Finally, they have a PU rubber sole, which is lightweight and will cushion your steps.

These boots will work well with dressy and casual wear and there are multiple style options to choose from, each with a sense of individual flare. If you are looking for an affordable, yet good-looking boot then these are a good option for you.

The Good Stuff:

  • Height Increase: 1.5 inch (3.8 cm)
  • Shaft height: 6.3 inch (16 cm)
  • Perfect for an entry level boot 
  • Good-looking
  • Affordable

The Bad Stuff:

  • Sizing issues for some
  • Thin sole without good traction 

4: OSSTONE Designer Dress Boots For Men

This designer boot from OSSTONE is aesthetically pleasing, featuring decorative wrap-around ankle straps with metallic detailing, adding to the dressy styling.

It is also comfortable and functional. The tall shaft will ensure your ankles are well supported and is constructed of premium leather which looks great with its layered color texturing that will grow to look better through time.

On the inside there is a soft leather lining and a comfortable footbed. Finally, there is a side zipper for easy on-off, and a firm rubber sole that will keep you firmly on your feet, adding traction support and comfort.

Summary: These are available in different color styles, which redefine the look and feel of the boot, such as glittery black. This is a fashionable boot that is affordable and well constructed. They look great in person and have pleased many men in their search for a suitable boot.

The Good Stuff:

  • Heel height: 1.5 inch (3.8 cm)
  • Busy, handsome design 
  • functional & comfortable.
  • Good price vs quality

The Bad Stuff:

  • Order half a size larger for wider feet

5: Giorgio Brutini 15064 Demi Boot

These demi-boots from Giorgio are some of the best men's Cuban heel shoes for those who want a functional and classy looking boot, fitting for both a casual pair of jeans and a formal suit. They will also give a considerable height boost.

These are both practical and comfortable. They have an easy slip-on style, featuring a side gore for a snug fitting. The uppers are made of snakeskin leather which is tougher, softer, and more flexible than synthetic leather and will shape to your feet nicely. The soft inner lining is complimented with a cushioned insole to help your feet stay pain-free throughout prolonged periods of wear.

The sizable Cuban heel has a split appearance, working in unison with the snakeskin patterning, giving this boot an original look, full of depth and class. The durable and flexible man-made sole ensures enough traction support to keep you firmly on your feet.

Summary: They come in many different color options. The busy design and ease of use are a hit with many, and if this is what you are looking for - why not give them a try?

The Good Stuff:

  • Heel height: 1.5 inch (3.8 cm)
  • Busy, stylish design with snakeskin leather 
  • Ease of use 

The Bad Stuff:

  • Some reports of loose fitting in the heel area

6: Rui Landed Ankle Boots For Men 

Suited for your smarter looks, these ankle boots are going to ensure your confidence raises and you stay on top of your game!

The craftsmanship is top-level. The uppers are constructed with high-quality Italian leather, which will shape to your feet while aging gracefully. Further, they are hand-sewn, with smooth, detailed stitching lines and contrasting colors on the leather, with lighter and darker reds and blacks turning up the temperature of these boots to boiling point!

Inside there is genuine leather lining which has excellent breathability and moisture absorption properties, and also a comfortable footbed. 

On the outside there is a sizable heel which is going to give you a nice boost in height, and the pointed toe design will help to elongate the look of shorter feet, working wonders if you want to pair them with a suitable outfit for a streamlined appearance.

Summary: Given the fine detailing and high-quality material construction, these ankle boots are fitting for occasions such as high-end parties, receptions, and other special times in your life.

The Good Stuff:

  • Heel height: 2 inch (5.1 cm)
  • Ideal for special occasions 
  • Pointed toes help to elongate the look of the foot
  • Sizable heel gives a substantial height increase

The Bad Stuff:

7: OSSTONE Leather Chukka Designer Boots For Men

If you are looking for an eye-catching design, then look no further than this thrilling boot from OSSTONE!

The first thing that draws attention is the glittering uppers, which will shine as you go about your daily activities. These are bound to catch the attention of those around you and compliments are going to be unavoidable. There is also a comfortable inner lining and a stylish side zipper for ease of use.

Continuing with the eye-catching design there is a red-colored leather sole, which not only provides great flexibility and traction support but looks amazing and completes the overall look.
They are available in silver or black glittery styles, each producing an extravagant vibe. Whether it be an upbeat, fancy environment such as a party, or for use in the office, these are going to elevate your height and confidence.

Summary: If you want to be noticed then these should be at the top of your list - compliments are on the way, my friend.

The Good Stuff:

  • Heel height: 2.25 inch (5.7 cm)
  • Shaft height: 18 inch: (45.7 cm)
  • Fit to size 
  • High quality material construction 
  • Eye-catching glittery style 
  • Significant height increase

The Bad Stuff:

  • Slightly heavy for some

8: Stacy Adams Men's Santos Side Zipper Boot

These boots do a great job of balancing quality and affordability, making them an excellent choice for a first pair of Cuban heel boots, or when you need to pull out footwear for smart occasions.

The polished leather uppers are lightweight and look great, and the 6.75 inch shaft is going to keep you firmly secured in these boots. They also have finely stitched detailing for aesthetic appeal. Further, there is a side zipper for easy on-off.

The synthetic inner lining and insole will help your feet feel at home and these boots are known to provide a snug fit. The heel measures approximately 1.75 inches, which will give you a nice boost in height compared with regular footwear.

Summary: These are going to make a good entry-level boot for somebody looking to try out Cuban heels. Fitting for parties and other special occasions, they will remain comfortable, secure, and be sure to elevate your confidence.

The Good Stuff:

  • Heel height: 1.75 inch (4.4 cm)
  • Shaft height 6.75 inch (17.1 cm)
  • Great for special occasions
  • Affordable & a good entry level boot

The Bad Stuff:

  • Buy half a size smaller than your regular shoes

9: Grinders Mustang Black Leather Cowboy Boot 

A good all-around experience, these boots from Grinders provide a considerable height increase, a firm fitting, and a stylish outer appearance.

The uppers are made of 100% smooth nubuck leather which looks and feels premium. There are 2 branded pull-on loops for easy on-off. The insides are lined with soft leather, which give excellent breathability and moisture absorption, and there is also a leather insole for a cozy fit.
There are neatly detailed twin elasticated gussets on the sides to help with that "made to measure" feeling.

The pointy-toe design is going to elongate the look of the foot, and the thick heel measures approximately 2.5 inch, giving you a considerable height boost. The sole is made from genuine leather which will be flexible for your instep, giving valuable surface support while also remaining durable.

Summary: Overall, If you are looking for a quality hard-wearing ankle boot with a good-sized heel then these are going to be a great choice for you.

The Good Stuff:

  • Heel height: 2.5 inch (6.35 cm)
  • High quality material construction 
  • Twin elasticated gussets for a secure fitting 
  • Feature rich & comfortable
  • Significant height increase

The Bad Stuff:

  • The zipper can take time to get used to

10: RETRO STYLE 2 Inch Cuban Heel Men's Boots

Combining the heel of a cowboy boot with a dressy sense, these RETRO boots are bound to elevate your style game.

They will provide you with needed levels of comfort for this style of shoe. They feature a combination of leather and synthetic uppers, and an ankle-high design to ensure your feet stay firmly secured. There is a comfortable inner lining and a padded, cozy footbed. They are also functional, being slip on capable, with an easy access side zipper for on and off.

The 2 inch Cuban heel is going to ensure you stay elevated and you are bound to notice the height increase. The outsole is made of synthetic material which takes a little longer to adapt to your steps than other materials, but after it does will feel great to walk on.

  If you like sharp retro styling then these shoes will work wonders for you. They are affordable and comfortable, suited for when you are out and about on the town flaunting that Rockstar look, or dancing the night away!

The Good Stuff:

  • Heel height: 2 inch (5.1 cm)
  • Good-looking RETRO styling
  • Affordable
  • Significant height increase

The Bad Stuff:

  • The materials used reflect the price
  • Sizing issues for some

11: Rui Landed Genuine Snake Skin Men's Ankle Boots 

If you want to look taller then you are in the right place, with these men's heeled boots delivering a huge height boost with heels that are around 3 inches tall!

The high shaft will secure your ankles and is built using a premium leather snakeskin, with its classic patterned formation and iridescent detailing really bringing these shoes to life. The stitching further compliments this through detailed, hand-sewn dividing lines. Functionality has also been well though out here, with a convenient zipper for ease of on and off.

The pointed toe design will help to elongate the look of shorter feet, and also work in conjunction with similar colored pants for a streamlined appearance. The rubber sole will give traction support for you to feel confident walking in a higher heel.

Summary: These boots have a dressy vibe, yet will work well with casual wear too. Soft to touch and rich looking, they are bound to raise your shoe game, with no doubting that they will be noticed.

The Good Stuff:

  • Heel height: 3 inch (7.6 cm)
  • High quality material construction 
  • Great for casual & formal wear (eye-catching)
  • The largest height increase on the list

The Bad Stuff:

  • The extreme elevation is going to take time to get used to

Cuban Heel Boots Buyers Guide

The best men's boots with Cuban heels gained popularity in the 60's by being worn by stars such as The Beatles who showcased them during live performances, and they have since become a popular choice among other male celebrities who want a distinct and stylish look. In the modern era, one of the reasons they became popular was through the Latin dance scene, in which they gained global recognition.

Nowadays they are also widely used among the general public for casual wear, and when paired with the right outfits they demand confidence, as the bold look gives a sense of power and authority. This is a boot that will be noticed, so get ready for compliments and enjoy the positive reactions!

Heel Height

Cuban heels come in different sizes, usually ranging from 1-2", with the average at around 1.5". For a men's shoe this is higher than average. The higher the heel means your feet will be elevated at a higher angle and the more likely it is you will need to time to adjust to walking in them.

For a heel of 2", the higher angle can cause your foot to slide forwards and to redistribute your weight, which might not work well for you.

This is why Cuban heeled shoes need to be gradually eased into, to let your body get used to them and to avoid any unnecessary issues with your arches, ankles and so on. In other words  - do not let your love of style hinder your pain-free steps.

Can You Swap The Heel For a Taller One?

You can usually pop down to the local cobbler who can modify the heel, which can be cut down or raised to your preferred height, changing both the width and height of the heel on most quality boots.

Be warned though, after the heel change your foot will be sloped at a different angle inside the boot, that has not been approved by the original company, which may cause discomfort throughout the foot when walking. 


In some places Cuban heels are just a regular everyday footwear. But for the majority of us Cuban heels are often shoes we will stare at with loving eyes, but remain unsure if we can pull the look off when stepping outside. The game changer when rocking Cuban heels for style and added height is confidence. The heel is there to serve you, and you also need to serve the heel!

With the right attitude you can pull the Cuban heel off almost anywhere (maybe not the beach)! Whether it be a throw back 60's look, a loose top and some skinny jeans for that streamlined Indie vibe or a smart waistcoat for a night out on the town - you can see the potential this footwear can provide. 


When you are first starting out be mindful of where you wear your heels. If you are going to be walking on uneven terrain such as roads with curbs and side grates then you are going to need to be mindful of potential hazards.

Also, walking up steep hills or standing for prolonged periods of time such as on the train or waiting for a bus can cause discomfort if you are not used to them.

Additional Tips

  • Wear socks to avoid blisters and other sores, and carry some plasters with you for when they do occur.  
  • A neutral color will pair well with the most outfits.
  • Try wearing them around the house when you first receive them to make sure the sizing is correct. 
  • Try to avoid taking them off and putting them on again if you feel discomfort, as although you will feel a sigh of relief, your feet might swell up which means putting them on again will cause greater pain. Instead, take a back-up pair of shoes with you. 

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