Best Height Increasing Sandals

One of the most recent styles of sandal is the elevator. These are specifically designed to increase the height of the user. There are also other styles of sandals which will give a significant height boost, but without being heeled footwear.

Height increasing sandals usually support your feet and ankles with straps, buckles, or an outer shell. This is because it is important that your feet feel secure while you walk with an internal elevation system.

height increasing sandals

Top 3 Height Increasing Sandals (Quick Overview)

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 2.36 inch (6 cm)

2: Dr. Martens

 1.5 inch (3.8 cm)


elevator sandals for men

2.36" (6 cm)

Full Reviews

1: CHAMARIPA 2.36" Height Increasing Men's Slippers

This offering deserves its credit for being discreet, comfortable, and durable for many seasons of wear. 

The neutral coloring will pair well with many clothing styles and blend in nicely without being obvious as height-increasing footwear. They feature a premium calfskin leather strap, which has the benefit of being wear-resistant and durable. It is also well-stitched and won't come apart easily. 

The molded footbed will customize itself to your foot shape, for a comfortable walking experience. There is also a supremely comfortable, thick EVA sole unit that is lighter and more flexible than other materials, providing a cushioning to your steps, benefitting thicker sandals such as this one. 

There are built to last and will last you many seasons to come. They are praised for their gorgeous looks in person, and also that they do not look like height-increasing footwear, blending in perfectly with shoes walking around you. 

The Good Stuff:

  • Height Increase: 2.36 inch (6 cm)
  • Fine balance of foot ergonomics and style
  • Inonspicuous design, undetectable as elevator sandals

The Bad Stuff:

  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • The footbed slightly compresses to your foot shape, losing some height

2: CHAMARIPA H0266A022D - 2.36" Genuine Leather Sandals

elevator sandals for men

CHAMARIPA is well known for making elevator shoes. They use top quality materials and expertly manufacture their products.

These are one of the best looking elevator sandals available, and also happen to be of high quality, too. They feature premium leather uppers, a durable material, which will remain sturdy and stand the test of time! The adjustable straps will help keep your feet steady and fit many different shapes and sizes.

The sturdy, bulky rubber sole will absorb pressure from your steps. It also helps with traction support and abrasion resistance on different surfaces. These sandals are suitable for many different situations, including long walking periods, as they have a secure design!

These premium sandals are available in 2 color schemes - black and grey, and are praised for feeling secure once fastened on the feet. They give a modest height boost over your regular sandal, This means that to the outside world they will not be noticeable as elevator footwear! 

The Good Stuff:

  • Height Increase: 2.36 inch (6 cm)
  • Stylish & comfortable
  • Secure design

The Bad Stuff:

3: Dr. Martens Ryker Sandals

From the prestigious Dr. Marten range, meet their Ryker slide sandals, sporting the traditional yellow stitching and grooved edge. These are finely crafted from some of the finest materials. 

They are also constructed with lightweight material, which will help your feet to stay supple and pain-free as you get used to walking in them. The premium leather straps ensure confidence these sandals will stay secured on your feet and will adjust to their, remaining strong and long-lasting. As you break them in, they will not cause hot spots and other issues that can come from synthetic materials.

Built on a sole with a thick ripple tread, they provide a level of cushioning and increased slip resistance on slippery surfaces, and increased durability.

They are available in 3 different color styles - Charo, black, and black Brando. They are praised for being worth the money, being very durable, and also for offering a great level of support and comfort. 

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 1.5 inch (3.8 cm)
  • High-quality build
  • Offer great support and comfort
  • Stylish design

The Bad Stuff:

4: CHAMARIPA 1.57" Platform Slippers

elevator sandals for men

These sandals appear like your regular slip-on styles you will see passing you by on the beach, yet they have the benefit of giving you a nice chunk of height! There is also a blue stripe version available. 

There represent subtle details of high-quality running throughout. The busy upper strap offers a 3 striped design that looks great, which securely fastens your feet in place, and is easy to pull on/off. The soft footbed is designed with foot health in mind, providing deep cushioning and comfort for prolonged periods of wear. 

The concave-convex-designed outsole adds a modern aesthetic that cheaper designs lack, drawing attention away from the thickness of the midsole, too. Underneath there is a PVC Rubber Sole resistant to aggressive environments, preventing unnecessary slips.  

Suitable for daily wear to the beach, pool, and other casual outings, these sandals will give almost double the height of a regular slid sandal but has design elements helping to disguise the height increase, making them subtle, durable, and a must-have for some extra height! 

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 1.57 inch (4 cm)
  • Beautifully designed
  • Highly comfortable for prolonged use

The Bad Stuff:

5: Rainbow Sandals Leather Double Layer with Arch Wide Strap

A good all-around choice, these sandals are extremely popular, and will leave you a little taller, feeling relaxed, and looking the part! They are available in many style variations. 

They have a classic 1" Leather Strap that has been double Stitched, and they are going to remain usable for much longer than your average sandal! The top sole is a premium nubuck leather, feeling smooth to walk in. In comparison to the single-layer version, there is an extra layer of midsole starting at the arch and rising towards the heel, that is triple glued for durability, adding cushion under the heel, and also making you taller than many styles of flip-flops.

They may feel stiff at first, but after you wear them in, the midsole is designed to slightly break down and mold to the shape of your feet, and there is also good arch support, and comfort wise they are in a league of their own. Underneath there is a non-slip Rainbow sole with great traction support, with many praising them for their versatility to perform well on several surfaces.

These sandals will last years, and are praised for their durability and craftsmanship! They are also the go-to style for those who want a stylish design pairing with jeans or outfits inspired by the sun!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 1 inch (2.54 cm)
  • The go-to sandal for style and comfort
  • Good arch support
  • Highly durable and versatile 
  • Lifetime warranty for broken straps

The Bad Stuff:

  • Expensive, but well worth it in the long run

6: Dr. Martens 8092 Arc Mono Sandals

Another finely crafted masterpiece! These Mono sandals feature the best materials. Sporting a monochromatic design - a single color is extended throughout the sandal using shades and tones. This will give off a distinctive look and be sure to spark the interest of those around you!

The uppers are Cowhide leather. This type of leather offers good value. It is durable, comfortable, easy to care for, and also dirt and water-resistant. The open-toe style will help your feet breathe while walking in the sun. If you have or are prone to ingrown toenails then this style will work wonders for you! 

They have 2 adjustable straps with metal buckles to ensure a tight fit. You can be sure they will fit the shape of your feet, with variable tightness available. These sandals feature a footbed that will gradually mold to the shape of your feet over time. Also, an air-cushioned, non-slip sole will ease pressure from steps and help to keep your muscles free from strain.

Summary: A top-quality sandal like this demands respect, is highly regarded for securing the entire foot and feeling safe to wear, and will be a noteworthy addition to any Summer footwear collection!

The Good Stuff:

  • Heel height: 1.5 inch (3.8 cm)
  • High quality, comfortable build
  • Secure design
  • Distinctive look & Stylish

The Bad Stuff:

7: CALTO T9286 - 2.8" Lightweight fisherman sandals

The sporty T9286 is a sturdy model, and houses many features that will put a smile on your face!

The uppers are constructed of soft oxhide, which will help your feet stay supple as you wear them in. The inner lining is pigskin, which will slowly adapt to the shape of your steps, proving a comfortable cushioning.

They have a closed-toe design. This will offer the wearer the support of a regular pair of shoes, but the breathability of a pair of sandals. They have a molded rubberized bottom that is sure to give you a sturdy grip and remain durable over time. Also, the heel height is 1 inch, so they will look like a regular sandal to the outside world!

Summary: These sandals are a great choice if you are an avid walker, or looking for something a little more robust than an open-toe sandal. They are praised for being lightweight and supportive, and a good choice for all day wear. 

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 2.36 inch (6 cm)
  • Discreet 1" outer heel
  • Supportive design

The Bad Stuff:

8: CALTO 2.8" Lightweight Fisherman Sandals

These sandals give off a sophisticated vibe. The outer heel height is 1" and the added raise is built inside the sandal. This ensures that your height boost will not be visible from the outer appearance.

The lightweight design is perfect for the Summer months. It will help you to settle into these sandals without excess muscle strains, and other issues through the break-in period.

The cement construction will help you to feel the quality build and will enable you to remain sure-footed through every movement! This is housed on top of an injection-molded rubberized bottom - strong and durable. Your feet will absorb the pressure from steps and remain comfortable whether you are walking or running

Praised for fitting to size and being comfortable, these provide a higher raise than the average height elevator sandals. You will stand considerably taller than your barefoot height! This is a notable difference, and because a lot of people wear flatter footwear in the Summer months - this is a considerable gain!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height Increase: 2.8 inch (7.11 cm)
  • Discreet 1" outer heel
  • Fit to size
  • Lightweight design

The Bad Stuff:

9: Dr. Martens Terry Charro Sandal

These are elegant-looking sandals! From the artistic pull tag at the back to the yellow stitching, they retain the classic Doc's look. The comfort factor has been well thought out with these sandals. They are made with Brando leather. This is soft, strong, and will remain sturdy over time, slowly adapting to the shape of your feet.

They will secure your feet with leather straps, and an adjustable metal buckle around the ankle. You can adjust the tightness of the strap to the shape of your foot. It will remain supple and give full support while you walk.

One of the main selling points for these sandals is the Dr. Martens Ziggy sole. It is lightweight, slip-resistant, and has an original zig-zag style shape. This will maintain a good grip, traction support, and abrasion resistance on many surfaces. Also, this is a Goodyear welted product - a top-quality, sturdy design that will stand the test of time!

Summary: These are highly regarded for their 'bounce', and feeling like walking on air! If you want the best of the best, and the added height too, then look no further than these sandals!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase:  1.5 inch (3.8 cm)
  • Original lightweight zig-zag sole
  • Very comfortable and bouncy to walk in
  • High-quality build
  • Stylish design

The Bad Stuff:

10: TOTO H30051 - 3" Elevator Sandal

TOTO is another respected brand when it comes to men's sandals that make you taller. Their H30051 model comes packed with many high-quality features. Sporting leather uppers, which are sturdy, yet flexible. They also contain a Velcro strap so you can adjust the tightness to fit your feet.

They come double stitched, which will help with durability and also weather resistance. Being closed-toe sandals, this is the right construction for you if you need something sturdy, or if you are planning on walking long distances. They have an original, dressy look about them, and are well suited to smart/casual attire.

This model gives the largest amount of added height on the list, advertised as 3" of gain. You will feel considerably taller than your barefoot height while wearing them. But, they are built well, so you will not have much trouble getting used to them and breaking them in!

If you are looking for a secure, strong, and durable height-increasing sandal, with an elegant, dressy lightweight design, and also perfect for walking long distances - look no further than here!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 3 inch (7.62 cm)
  • Sturdy, secure construction
  • Lightweight design

The Bad Stuff:

  • Not suited for beginners

11: Dr. Martens Slide Sandal

Dr. Marten's have a variety of sandals that give a height boost over your regular style. These Myles Black Brando Sandals fit this description. The platform measures 1.5" and they will give you a decent height increase!

The materials used to construct this style are of high quality. The 2 sturdy straps will ensure a stable, custom fit to the shape of your feet. They feature full-grain waxed leather, which is easy to wipe clean and maintain, and remains durable as time goes by.

This style features the new Dr. Martens Ziggy sole! This is a lightweight design, which is also slip-resistant. It has a zig-zag shape that will help give you a strong grip on different surfaces, and looks great!

Summary: These are loved so much that color variations are often purchased! Well worth the money, and an overall excellent product, if you are looking for a slip-on, lightweight, and height-increasing sandal that also looks amazing - look no further than here!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 1.5 inch (3.8 cm)
  • Original lightweight zig-zag sole
  • High-quality build
  • Secure, stylish build

The Bad Stuff:

12: CALTO 2.8" Dressy Fisherman Sandals

These fisherman sandals from CALTO give off a mature and cultured vibe, and will look ideal paired with smart/casual or formal attire.


The outers are made from Oxhide leather, which will stay supple and support your feet. They grip nicely around the feet, and with a closed toe design are perfect for long periods of walking! They are lined with a comfortable, soft pigskin, which will help your feet to stay moisture-free.

Also, sporting a rubber sole helps with traction support and abrasion resistance as you walk on different terrains. To add to this, the sturdy cement construction will ensure longevity - they are well built!

Summary: If you are looking for a sophisticated pair of height enhancing footwear, or something secure which after breaking in you can wear all day without issues, then these will work for you!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 2.8 inch
  • Highly breathable & comfortable
  • Discreet 1" outer heel

The Bad Stuff:

  • The rigid construction takes time to break in

13: Dr. Martens Slide Sandal

Filled to the brim with Dr. Marten's signature traits. These slide sandals are one of the bolder designs on the list and constructed using strong and robust materials.

They have 2 high-quality full-grain leather straps with adjustable buckles. This will ensure your feet will stay secure throughout the day. The leather will soften over time, adjust to the shape of your feet, and be easy to maintain with a damp cloth and some polish.

The Goodyear welt is a high quality construction, which ensures durability, and you will be able to wear these in many different settings, with them staying solid. The zigzag style EVA sole is flexible and will absorb the pressure from steps with ease! It also ensures that you have enough traction support to freely walk wherever you please.

Summary: Highly regarded for their design and high-quality construction, these are built to last! Also, if comfort and style are something you need on your shoe rack, then there is no better choice than a pair of Dr. Martens sandals!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase:  1.5 inch (3.8 cm)
  • 2 elegant adjustable buckle closure straps
  • Original lightweight zig-zag sole
  • High quality build
  • Stylish design

The Bad Stuff:

  • A little bulky for some

14: CHAMARIPA H81D15D192D - 2.36" Fisherman Sandals

These sandals have been crafted with the health and comfort of your feet in mind. The ergonomic and lightweight design will suit those who want a smaller height boost, and those looking to try out elevator style footwear.


The high quality uppers will thoroughly secure the feet without worry of slipping. From the discreet 1 inch outer heel nobody is going to realize they are actually boosting your height. The lift they give is smaller than other styles. However, you will be surprised at how significant it feels!

The premium natural rubber outsole will absorb the pressure of your steps and ease the strain from your feet as you get used to walking in them!

This model is available in 2 color styles - black and brown. They are the classic slip on style, allowing easy use. If you are looking for something stylish and inconspicuous, then why not give these a try!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height Increase 2.36 inch (6 cm)
  • Discreet 1" outer heel
  • Lightweight design

The Bad Stuff:

15: TOTO 3" G13072 Super Lightweight Sandals

The G10372 from TOTO gives a significant height boost which will have you reaching new confidence levels with the click of a finger! 

The uppers are constructed of high-quality leather. This ensures these sandals will adapt to the shape of your feet over time and also remain durable. These are spacious sandals, which will allow your feet room to move. However, you can tighten them easily by the strap, to feel as secure as you desire!

This model is braided, with side ventilation and an open-toe style, which will allow good airflow to ensure your feet stay cool. They are also one of the lightest sandals reviewed on this list, at 13oz. This makes them ideal if you suffer from problems with endurance when wearing bulkier footwear. You will wear into them with ease while avoiding aching feet.

Summary: These sandals give a significant elevation without sacrificing comfort. They will remain discreet and loyal to you but do take some time to break in. 

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 3 inch (7.62 cm)
  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Considerable height increase

The Bad Stuff:

  • Not suited for beginners

16: ShonanH Japanese Traditional Wooden Clog Sandals 

Fancy trying something with some oriental spice? Well if you do - here you go! You could describe these special clogs as platform sandals.


They are made from paulownia wood. This type of wood is known to be a sturdy and resistant material, which is light, yet strong and will not crack or split during use. They have been constructed to work well on several different surfaces. You do not have to worry about slipping or having other issues when wearing these! 

This model gives a notable height boost, and will work well with various types of clothing. Pair them with a pair of shorts, jeans, and all sorts of casual outfits.


Of course, you are going to get people interested in these! It is a positive thing to work outside the box sometimes - and compliments are going to be coming your way! Also, if you take the time to adjust to them, you will be surprised at how comfy they are.

Praised for their originality, if you want to add to a versatile collection of footwear that increases your height, then these will fit right in!

The Good Stuff:

  • Height increase: 2 inch (5.1 cm)
  • Original and bound to attract attention

The Bad Stuff:

  • Not suited for beginners
  • Hard construction
  • Lacking arch support
elevator sandal on the beach

Are height Increasing Sandals Safe to Wear?

Sandals that give added height are designed with foot health in mind, and the main difference between a regular sandal is the height-increasing layer.

With platform designs, think of stacking another sandal on top of the sandal you are wearing, but with a higher quality design and support underneath, so you should be fine wearing them after some practice. 

Designs featuring a height-increasing layer will have a closed toe, offering superior protection, and when you wear them they will feel more like a regular shoe than a sandal, meaning as long as they fit you correctly, with practice they will also be safe to wear.

Price VS Quality

When considering sandals with added elevation, going too cheap is not advisable.

Most of us have experienced sandals where the straps break due to being cheaply made, or slide everywhere, and considering you are going to be raised off of the floor, you need to ensure your safety and comfort. 

A high-quality sandal will be a breeze to walk in, fit well, remain durable, and also do a good job of masking the height raise through style. 

Design Features

Open Toe

Open-toe sandals suit those who are susceptible to conditions such as athletes' foot or ingrown toenails, as closed-toe sandals can aggravate this. Flip-flop style footwear is best suited for relaxed activities such as light walking and trips to the swimming pool or beach.


Unlike elevator shoes, open-toe elevator sandals feature a platform design that gives the height raise, and as it slants at a more even angle, and thus evenly distributes pressure on the pivot points of the foot, which is beneficial for foot health, taking less time to get used to the steeply angled footbed of closed-toe designs.

They often feature bulky, shock-absorbent midsoles and outsoles that make walking in even the bulkier designs a pleasurable experience. They usually are water-resistant too, making them great for beachwear.


The straps of sandals are designed to secure your feet within the footbed bed of the sandal. The more secure your feet are, the less chance of sores and other related issues developing.

Leather straps will mold to your feet over time and is a durable material that is less prone to wear and tear, being ideal for elevator sandals. Textile straps are often a cost-effective option and will secure your feet in place, but are also generally used in lower-quality designs and more prone to breaking.

Closed Toe

Closed-toe sandals are a great choice if you are an avid walker and you want something a little more substantial than your average sandal.  They will work well on more diverse terrains, offering extra protection from the elements. 

Height Increasing Layer

Closed-toe designs, however, will have an angled footbed, that has been ergonomically designed for foot health, sloped at 15 degrees, similar to other styles of elevator footwear, and can increase your height between 2-4 inches. 

There is often a small insole situated on top of the height raise, to counter the firmness of the footbed, adding a layer of cushioning to your steps. 

Other supportive features include strong Velcro or a buckle, which will both secure your feet to your custom fit. 


High Abrasion Rubber Sole

A good quality rubber is essential on a sandal for a firm grip. Rubber is built to prevent wear and tear caused by abrasion. It is something that can benefit an elevator-style sandal as it keeps your feet firmly on the ground, ensuring confidence while walking in them.

Polyurethane (PU)

PU soles offer high levels of wear and tear resistance alongside bending resistance and are more comfortable than rubber. However, it is less slip and abrasion-proof, so if you are considering wearing them on wetter surfaces, rubber would be a better choice. 

Breaking in Your Sandals

To begin with, you can put on some socks and wear them around the house to get used to their size and to see if they suit you, and this can also help to ease into them, preventing hot spots. But, if you start to feel blisters appearing then use band-aids to protect the given area.

Additionally, it is important that your sandals fit your size. So, wear them indoors in periods of 5,10,20 minutes and so on until you know if they are suitable, or not, as by wearing them indoors you will usually have the option of returning them.

Additional Tips

  • Take some plasters out with you when you first get used to walking in them or apply some Vaseline in problem areas (not under the foot) that can ease sores from occurring. 
  • It is best to use flip flop styles for short distances, as they can cause unwanted stress on the foot and tendons for long-distance use. 
  • Avoid playing sports in flip flop designs, as this can lead to twisted ankles, sprains even worse.
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