Delivery Driver Shoe Reviews (Best for Heavy Packages/Harsh Terrain/Food)

When thinking about the best shoes for delivery drivers, the first question that springs to mind is what kind of delivery are you going to be doing? For instance, long-distance route trucking drivers delivering heavy packages will have different footwear requirements than driving a motorbike delivering food, or driving a van delivering in harsh terrains. 

Therefore, the shoe reviews on this page have been split into 3 sections - food deliveries, heavy-duty deliveries, and working in harsh terrains. The shoes reviewed have been carefully picked to offer great balance, support, comfort, durability and remain easy to drive in, too

To Note - These shoes are aimed at men, but the choices here will also be some of the best shoes for women delivery drivers. 

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Great for


  • Soft Toe              
  • Supremely comfortable
  • Weather protection

Deliver food/small packages

  • Steel toe             
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Weather protection

Heavy Packages, UPS, Fedex, DPD

  • Soft Toe              
  • Advanced foot   Technologies    
  • Weather protection

Harsh Terrains, uneven surfaces

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For food deliveries 

Whether you are an independent contractor or running your own business, for delivering food you need shoes that you can quickly jump in and out of the car, on and off the bike, quickly change direction, and not have to worry about hazards or slipping over whatever the weather.

The ones I have chosen have great weather protection, support, and grip on practically all surfaces. 

1. Brooks Cascadia 15 GTX

These shoes are my number 1 pick for those delivering smaller packages all day, and with such a well-thought-out design, it could be yours too. 

The uppers are constructed of an updated GORE-TEX bonded design to provide a lightweight, breathable, and flexible fit while offering waterproof protection on the job. On the inside there is dynamic BioMoGo midsole foam cushioning that adapts to your individual stride, creating the perfect environment to cushion your steps alongside a bounce-back energy-boosting return.

There is a built-in rock plate between the midsole and outsole offering puncture resistance, preventing sharp objects from injuring the sole of the foot. Stability has been well thought out here, and there is a 4-point Pivot Post System that helps the feet to stay level on uneven terrain. Finally, the TrailTack sticky rubber outsole provides high traction support and the grip needed on surfaces such as rain, snow, mud, and so on.

These shoes are a safe option for quick food deliveries, providing the perfect home for your feet while protecting them in the wind, rain, and snow.

The Good Stuff:

  • Soft toe
  • Weather protection
  • Supremely comfortable

The Bad Stuff:

2. Columbia Men's Peakfreak Nomad

Perfect for delivering food in city conditions and available in a variety of color options, these shoes are both comfortable and well-built, ensuring your feet will stay problem-free on wet, icy, or snowy surfaces.

The uppers are a mix of leather and mesh, balancing sturdiness and softness being adaptive and flexible to your movements, are lightweight, and are easy to slip into. They are also built with an Omni-Tech waterproofing layer and air-permeable membrane, keeping your feet dry through all weather conditions.

Inside there is ample padding on the tongue for additional ankle support and comfort. There is also a comfortable inner lining. This shoe features balanced arch support and a full-length Techlight midsole that is lightweight and adaptive to various uneven terrains for added foot stability. This is combined with a Techlight stone shield on the front to protect your toes against knocks on curbs etc while delivering.

To sum things up, this shoe has the hallmarks of a hiking shoe but feels like a regular sneaker, and will serve wonders for those delivering food all day/night.

The Good Stuff:

  • Soft toe
  • Weather protection
  • Comfortable and supportive from the first wear
  • Flexible footwear

The Bad Stuff:

  • Some reports of needing to double loop the laces to keep them secure

3. ECCO Men's Slip On Trainers

When wearing these shoes your feet are going to communicate seamlessly with the ground, adapting to whatever surface you are on.

The premium leather uppers are waterproof and will provide ample weather protection. They will also quickly adapt to the shape of your feet without much of a break-in period, for a secure fitting. They also consist of perforated detailing, providing added breathability and aesthetic appeal. Inside there is a cushioned but removable insert, so if they wear down then replacing them is easy.

The low to the ground design aids stability and this is combined with FLUIDFORM tech offering an advanced comfort system, with 360-degree anatomical support for fast twists and turns. This is possible by refraining from the stitching or gluing process, with the shoe instead molded together, using materials that take softness, comfort, and energy return to a new level!

This is further emphasized through a two-component outsole combining ultra-lightweight, impact-absorbing PHORENE combined with a patterned rubber tread for high levels of cushioning, rebound and a solid grip on a variety of surfaces.

Whether walking, lifting, and twisting these shoes will compliment your stride. You will gradually notice small but positive differences between these and your older shoes, and they are fantastic everyday working footwear for those on their feet all day delivering.

The Good Stuff:

  • Soft toe
  • Weather protection
  • FLUIDFORM Advanced comfort system
  • Lightweight
  • Weather protection

The Bad Stuff:

  • Questionable laces

For Heavy Packages (UPS, FedEx, etc) 

Trucking companies and delivery giants such Fedex will often see you on long haul deliveries, facing numerous situations while working with heavy packages, and therefore you will require boots built to last. These companies often have footwear requirements, so be sure to check them out before making a purchase.

General guidelines may include:

  • Shoes must be black or brown leather or protective materials 
  • Need to have good support and fit above the ankles 
  • have a rounded toe, and feature non-slip soles
  • If your job involves lifting heavy packages then a composite or steel toe is necessary for protection

So with this info in mind, here are my top 3 shoes for when delivering heavy packages.

4. KEEN Utility Men's Detroit XT Mid Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

An excellent choice and number one pick for those on long haul deliveries, both day and night.

The nubuck leather uppers will quickly shape to your feet and these boots also house a KEEN.DRY membrane, which is both waterproof and breathable, allowing vapor release while preventing water from entering the boot. This is complemented inside with the Dry-Lex lining - a multi-zone system that evaporates moisture from the feet, keeping them dry throughout the working day.

This boot allows for superior stability. Firstly, there is a thick collar and tongue securing the ankles in place. There is also a full TPU interlocking stability plate. In other words - this helps to stabilize the ankle and foot when working on uneven surfaces where feet may bend/twist and injuries could happen.

The removable footbed offers metatomical foot support and is anatomically designed to cushion key areas of the foot to influence a natural stride, perfect for loading and unloading packages. It also comes with natural odor protection.

They feature a steel toe and electrical hazard protection working hand in hand when delivering in potentially hazardous environments. There are also reflective elements for added safety and visibility. Underneath there is a slip-resistant patterned non-marking rubber tread ensuring you stay happily on your feet.

The Good Stuff:

  • Steel Toe 
  • Weather protection
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • Provide great stability 

The Bad Stuff:

5. Timberland PRO A1S5M Drivetrain Work Boot

Tough and built for withstanding the elements, these boots have a lightweight design and ample support, serve you for delivering heavy packages.

The metal-free drivetrain styling features uppers of Ripstop nylon, allowing breathability while maintaining a lightweight design. On the inside, there is a comfortable mesh lining, and they have an anti-fatigue PU footbed that is designed for cushioned shock absorption while also providing energy return to the user.

They feature a composite safety toe powered by CarbonShield design which subtracts weight with the help of nanotechnology, ensuring a sturdy but effortless walking experience. The sole is resistant to hazardous chemicals such as Oil, and high temperatures, serving you well on many working surfaces. Finally, featuring electrostatic dissipative properties, they are sufficient for ESD protection when delivering in potentially hazardous areas.

Providing a modern take on safety footwear, these boots will keep your feet protected and are also lightweight. A functional offering that will please those who are working in physical labor walking on concrete and delivering packages all day.

The Good Stuff:

  • Composite Toe
  • Weather protection
  • Comfortable out of the box
  • Super lightweight
  • Highly non-slip 

The Bad Stuff:

  • Some reports of the soles wearing out faster than preferred 

6. ROCKROOSTER Work Boots 

Widely praised for their overall quality and design complying with the safety shoe standard.

The uppers are constructed of an oiled full-grain tumbled leather and offer waterproofing capabilities. The sturdy design is also lightweight and functional, complimented with an easy access side zipper and reinforced stitching ensuring the seams keep this boot firmly together.

The inner fabric is powered by Coolmax ALL SEASON tech. This uses an innovative combination of fibers designed to deliver a versatile experience, delivering a breathable and moisture-wicking performance on warmer days by drawing moisture away from the skin, and on colder days it helps to insulate heat to keep your feet warm. The anti-fatigue PORON XRD footbed is anatomically contoured to ease the pressure from steps and influence a natural stride.

There is a tough steel toe box that is reinforced for added protection against knocks and heavy objects falling on your feet. Underneath there is a TPU outsole that is highly slip-resistant. It is also static dissipative and designed to release static electricity into the floor.

Great for walking on harder surfaces and also lightweight and functional, these heavy duty boots are well built to stand the test of time, and to complement carrying heavy packages without straining your feet in the process.

The Good Stuff:

  • Steel Toe
  • Weather protection
  • COOLMAX tech provides all-year comfort
  • Functional
  • Durable

The Bad Stuff:

Delivering in Harsh Terrains

For those working in rural areas, you might be delivering during thunderstorms, in wonky terrains, dirty driveways, and sometimes having to walk much further than expected to reach the delivery point. Therefore your delivery shoes need to be waterproof, have great ankle support/protection and traction to avoid slipping. 

7. ARIAT Men's 10002183 Hiking Boot

These Boots are perfectly balanced for working in harsh terrains. 

They can be classed as endurance boots, built to last and provide a solid grounding for your feet. The uppers are a top-quality full-grain and oiled leather, featuring Waterproof PRO tech offering a durable, breathable yet moisture-resistant surface, preventing rain from soaking your feet.

The inner sole features ATS 'Advanced Torque Stability tech, featuring a moisture-wicking lining and gel cushioning in the forefoot, ideal for those who are walking with packages. There is also a composite steel shank offering 3x the stability of a regular shank.

The lightweight EVA midsole protects the impact of your steps while not weighing them down - essential for supple movement while carrying packages. The Duratread™ outsole is highly flexible to your steps, and also design to be slip-resistant to oil, wet mud, and other slippery surfaces, so when carrying packages you won't need to constantly look at your feet to avoid slipping.

Your feet are going to be thoroughly secured in these boots, excluding any vulnerabilities such as slipping in the rain. Overall they provide the perfect ergonomics for delivering packages in environments with harsh terrains.

The Good Stuff:

  • Soft Toe 
  • Ariat excels in advanced foot technologies
  • Built to last
  • Perfect for harsh terrains 

The Bad Stuff:

8. KEEN Men's Austin Mid Height Waterproof Casual Ankle Boot

This high-end boot is built to last while protecting your feet in all weather conditions.

These shoes are also not overly bulky, and you will be able to comfortably drive in them without issues. The uppers are constructed of thick oiled leather, ensuring a highly waterproof experience, and easy to maintain with a waterproofing spray.

Inside you will find a comfortable gusseted tongue and soft internal padding surrounding your ankles for added support and helps to make fast movement a breeze. Inside there is a dual-density PU footbed. This has been anatomically engineered to conform to your natural step and has additional arch support allowing consistent cushioning throughout days of delivering items. The insole is fully removable so you can swap them out when needed.

Underneath there is a KEEN ALL-TERRAIN rubber outsole, providing high-traction grip in muddy environments and on rocky surfaces. It is specifically non-marking, created to leave no trace of imprints behind you.

After you have broken these in, they will be one of the most comfortable boots you will try, providing all-day comfort and valuable support for longer periods of walking and delivering in harsh terrains.

The Good Stuff:

  • Soft Toe 
  • Highly Waterproof
  • Build to last
  • Lightweight & good arch support

The Bad Stuff:

  • They run large for some 
  • Break in period around the ankles

9. Dunham Men's Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot

If you frequently delivering in downpours or icy terrains then you will want to give these a try.

These boots feature Nubuck leather uppers that are seam-sealed for a highly waterproof construction. In downpours, you will not get wet feet, and this is complemented on the inside with a breathable lining, meaning your feet will stay free from moisture build-up and sweating.

They also feature a padded gusseted tongue that will keep your ankles secured. The footbed features a removable open-cell memory foam insole, conforming to the custom shape of your feet while distributing pressure to balance your stride. You can also swap this insole out with insoles of your choice. The midsole features an embedded fiberglass stability shank - in other words, they are extremely sturdy supporting your weight while carrying packages, while influencing a natural walking gait.

On the outside, there is a rubber toecap to protect your toes from knocks while delivering packages. Underneath the TRU-TRAK rubber outsole sports a thick patterned tread designed to support fast and multi-directional movement keeping you firmly on your feet.

These were built for harsh terrains, whether that be delivering in wet muddy or icy surfaces, or even a blizzard, you will have no foot issues in these.

The Good Stuff:

  • Soft Toe 
  • Available in varying widths 
  • Highly supportive
  • Truly water resistant 
  • Superior traction resistance

The Bad Stuff:

  • Some reviews question the durability, others are perfectly happy with this. 

Buyers Guide

You may think that just grabbing a cheap pair of sneakers to deliver your packages is the way to go, and maybe if you are on a short contract delivering food this will be fine. However, for those who plan on delivering full time, and for long distances you will soon find out that cheap is not a clever move. 

For every $50 you spend you should expect to get roughly 6 months of regular usage out of your shoes before something gives way and needs replacing.


As you will be driving all day, and probably in a hurry too, the shoes you choose need to be comfortably fitted around your feet and not too loose. Also, avoid footwear that is overly bulky, as with a proper fit and coordination you will avoid issues such as accidentally hitting the clutch and brake the pedal at the same time.

They will feel different from regular sports shoes, so make sure you feel comfortable coordinating your feet in them before a day's driving!

Finally, take a towel with you so that before driving you can wipe the debris off of them when in wet muddy, rainy or icy or conditions, as this is something surprisingly easy to forget.

Walking Form

Proper footwear is the tool, but the walking form is also important. For instance, when carrying heavy items it is important that you evenly distribute pressure when walking.

For example, being in a rush to get the job done you might naturally want to move fast, and use the balls of the feet to pounce forwards while carrying heavy objects. However, this places excess pressure on the metatarsal arches, leading to them becoming strained. This can then lead to further issues such as tendonitis, and so on.

Instead, walk slowly, in short steps, distributing your weight more evenly across the foot as you place it down, allowing pressure to run from heel to toe, as this will balance the weight evenly and stop issues from occurring. It may feel awkward at first, but it can potentially save you pain, strain, or falling over and breaking items!


When delivering packages it is impossible to keep eyes glued to the floor all the time, and knocks, scrapes, and so on are bound to happen. Yet with the correct support, you can usually prevent these things from causing injury.


Sitting between the insole and outsole and running under the foot arch, shanks are made of sturdy materials and important for stability while on your feet all day, influencing a natural walking gait.

In work boots, we sometimes see fiberglass stability shanks that are highly supportive and will stabilize your steps. Other boots include composite steel shanks that offer 3x the stability of a regular shank. Either way, if you're looking for strong foot support, a shank can aid this. 

Stability Plates

KEEN'S TPU interlocking stability plates run the full length of the midsole, offering the superior support of an outdoor-inspired shoe, supporting the heel, middle, and side-foot for a stable walking experience.

Upper Material

A premium upper material is used in high-quality work boots, designed for hours of walking while working.


This material is widely used on boots due to the ability to be easily treated and to maintain, while also being adaptive to your foot shape, and it is also renowned for durability.


Keeping the feet cool is another thing to consider, so a breathable mesh fabric is sometimes used to help absorb moisture and enhance airflow throughout the shoe.

Sometimes we see two-tone designs that are a combination of leather and mesh fabric, and this allows for adaptivity. The leather is a secure, durable, and protective material, while the mesh fabric is flexible, lightweight, and breathable - bridging the best of both worlds while standing on your feet all day.

Inner Material

The inner materials used for working shoes can aid different purposes. 

Some materials such as polyester, mesh, and nylon are moisture-wicking, keeping the feet cool on warmer days, and others such as cotton, thinsulate and felt will be heat insulating on cooler days. 

Some advanced techs use multi textile structures. For instance, Dry-Lex lining is a multi-zone system that evaporates moisture away from the feet, with the top layer being produced of 100% hydrophilic nylon fiber (great for allowing the feet to stay dry)

Other advanced technologies provide the best of both worlds. For example, Coolmax ALL SEASON tech uses an innovative combination of 2 fibers. The result is that on warmer days multichannel fibers allow moisture to pass through the fabric allowing it to spread and evaporate, and on colder days hollow fibers provide an air channel for heat insulation.

The result is an adaptive experience that is perfectly suited to the different weather instances.


Insoles lay inside the shoe, providing enhanced comfort, compression, heat insulation and fit. 

Some insoles you find in boots are anatomically contoured to complement the shape of individual feet. These can be especially good for those on their feet all day, as they adapt to your custom foot shape.

For instance, PORON XRD footbeds are soft, yet become firm on impact, reducing shock and absorbing 90% of the impact. This protects the feet from weakening and becoming fatigued.

Other insoles provide an anti-Fatigue Technology and are made with a polyurethane footbed for shock absorption, while also providing bounce-back energy return.

Replacement Insoles

If you are looking to replace your boots with the same insoles, try looking on the manufacturer's website or email them, as they can sometimes send you a replacement pair.

You may need some insoles if the ones in your boots feel like they don't provide the proper support. Maybe you need added arch support, or just added cushioning. Additionally, in colder seasons it is important to insulate the heat and for your feet to stay dry and warm. In this case, you can add a full-length felt insert to your working boots. 


Shoes/Boots suitable for being on your feet all day often have specialized midsoles to help absorb impact and remain durable throughout months of usage.

For instance, Columbia's Techlight midsoles are lightweight and adaptive to various uneven terrains for added foot stability.

Other examples of this include ECCO'S FLUIDFORM tech, constructed of lightweight fluid materials that when hardened transform into comfortable, sturdy anatomical support. This offers all-day softness and flexibility in the midsole area.

Finally, Brook's BioMoGo cushioning offers environmentally friendly and dynamic midsole foam, providing a bounce-back energy return on impact with the ground.


Most outsoles will be fine for walking on normal surfaces. But when weather can be unpredictable, and sure-footing is necessary for being prepared for mud, icy slush, wet areas, and so on. 

A grip specifically designed to tackle these situations is not easy to find on regular footwear. This is why hiking/trial boots can sometimes be recommended for deliveries, as their soles are built with all-terrain rubber soles to withstand hazardous weather.

Some other examples include ECCO'S two-component outsoles use PHORENE material mixed with a robust, patterned rubber tread for a highly lightweight and flexible experience. This also offers great rebound and a solid grip on a variety of surfaces, including cold weather. 

Other technologies include TRU-TRAK rubber outsoles that are designed to support speedy and multi-directional movement on hazardous surfaces.

Also, Brook's TrailTack outsoles are made with a sticky rubber compound offering superior uphill + downhill traction support on wet surfaces.


Full ankle support is essential for those who are twisting and turning with heavier packages and frequently changing direction. The heavier the package you are carrying, the more pressure will be placed on the ankle joint, and features such as a padded tongue and a higher boot style with secured lacing are essential.

The ankle needs to be guarded against many potential dangers, including thorns, sidewalk curbs, and sometimes even animals.

This is why I recommend boots with a higher ankle for delivering either heavier packages, or in harsh terrain.


Soft Toe

For fast food deliveries, generally a soft toe will be fine. However, for delivering heavy packages or working in harsher terrains, a composite or steel toe is essential. 

Steel Toe 

A steel toe is essential for those working with heavy packages, as we will often not be able to look at the ground and what is in our way. Also dropping packages on the toes can cause serious injury if they aren't protected. 

Composite Toe

Roughly 30% lighter than steel toes, a composite toe uses non-metal materials such as carbon fiber and plastic, protecting your toes to a satisfactory standard for working delivering parcels and heavy packages. 

Other Safety Features 

If delivering packages in hazardous areas, you may need to look for additional protection. For instance, If delivering in low light areas, you may want to look out for reflective boots with properties. 

Rock Plates

Some boots offer a built-in rock plate between the midsole and outsole that offer puncture resistance, preventing sharp objects from injuring the foot.

ESD Protection

Finally, some boots feature electrostatic dissipative properties, designed to minimize the sudden flow of electricity between 2 electrically charged objects, by releasing static electricity into the floor. This enables you to feel secured from electric shocks when delivering in potentially hazardous areas.


Waterproofing is an essential component of a delivery shoe. If your feet are consistently exposed to a moist, damp environment and your socks become wet, then you can develop fungal growths such as athlete's foot on the upper layer of the skin, and also circulation and nerve problems, which can easily be avoided with weatherproof protection.

So with this boots on this list, we often see premium leather uppers that have undergone a water protective treatment process prior to purchase. 

In other instances, we see technologies such as GORE-TEX that offer guaranteed wind and waterproof protection. Also, Columbia's Omni-Tech waterproofing system offering waterproofing layers alongside an air-permeable membrane for added breathability.


When your shoes are extra dirty or when water stops decorating over their surface then you can use a protective treatment such as a spray. Depending on your job role, this can mean waterproofing every few weeks to a few months. 

Additional Tips

  • Double knot the laces to ensure they hold form
  • Invest in a shoe dryer so you can leave them to dry-off after a hard days work
  • Powder your feet before work to prevent the development of unpleasant odors and moisture build-up

Thankyou for reading. 

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