How Tall is Wiz Khalifa?

Wiz Khalifa (Cameron Jibril Thomaz) is an American rapper and singer, rising to fame in the mid-2000s, becoming a prominent name in the music industry.

Stature wise he has been compared to his friend Snoop Dogg, with them often both being described as 6'4" in height, however, when they are pictured together there is a notable height difference between them.

There is no denying that Wiz is a tall man, but, does his slender frame help to provide an illusion he is taller than he really, or is he really six feet four inches tall?

wiz khalifa how tall

So, What's His Real Height?

After comparing Wiz Khalifa's height to other celebrities and also taking into consideration his footwear and height claims, I would say he wakes up around 6'3" tall, and gradually loses height as the day progresses, going to bed nearer 6'2.5". Therefore I believe he stands approximately 6'2.75" (189.9 cm) tall throughout the majority of the day.

Things to Consider

Body Frame 

Wiz Khalifa has held a thin frame since becoming famous. In recent years however he has gained weight (approximately 35 pounds) due to his passion for mixed martial arts training, going from roughly 140-175 lbs, but regardless, he still looks tall and lean.

Due to this, he appears taller when standing alone, and I was surprised when making comparisons that his height was lower than the 6'4" he is listed at.


Some celebs have a liking for thick boots helping them to look taller, but Wiz is the opposite. From the majority of photos I found, Khalifa was wearing converse shoes (he even partnered with converse for his collection), providing around 0.7 inches of height to the wearer.

Compared to the thick Nike sneakers and boots lots of rappers wear, this will make him appear around half an inch shorter next to them.

So, when comparing his height to other celebs I have taken into consideration footwear differences for the verdict.

His Height Next to Other Celebs

Snoop Dogg 6'3.75" (192.4 cm)

There are many photos of Wiz standing alongside Snoop, including one where they are back-to-back, smoking together, and Wiz looks 0.75-1" shorter than Snoop. This height difference is consistent, and in other photos and also stage appearances Wiz generally appears around 0.75"-1" inch shorter. This puts his height at 6'2.75"-6'3".

Machine Gun Kelly 6'3.5" (191.8 cm)

After accounting for footwear differences. Wiz appears around 1 inch shorter than Kelly while performing on stage and also in pictures of them together. This puts him at 6'2.5" tall. 

Jimmy Fallon 5'11.5" (181.6 cm)

Jimmy Fallon holds up surprisingly well next to Khalifa, and when they met together on Jimmy's late night show, after accounting for footwear differences, Fallon looked around 3 inches shorter, putting Khalifa in the 6'2.5" range of height. 

The Results - Compared to other celebrities in pictures and videos, Wiz Khalifa appears between 6'2.5" and 6'3" tall.

His Height Claims

In an interview from 2009, in reference to recording studios, he states  "And me being as tall as I am, I’m 6’4”, so it’s definitely not the business for me" (1).

In another interview where he tells us some things we probably don't know about him, one thing he stated was that he is "6-foot-2" (2).

Regarding his 6'4" claim, as we have already realized, Wiz is clearly shorter than other celebrities near 6'4" in height. Although I believe he could stand near 6'4" in thick boots, so he may have claimed his shoe height in that interview.

However, regarding his 6'2" claim, I doubt, even at his lowest height before sleeping at night that he ever stands at 6'2" - he is taller than this, and probably rounded down this claim, or is unaware of his real height.

The Verdict

Wiz Khalifa has a long, slender frame, and this is why the 6'4" (193 cm) he is often listed at is believable and is widely cited around the web.

However, after considering the height comparisons between him and other celebs, and his height claims of both 6'2" and 6'4", I feel somewhere in-between these numbers are where his real height lies. 

So, I would say that Wiz Khalifa wakes up at 6'3.25" in the morning, drops to 6'2.75 throughout the day, and goes to bed around 6'2.5" at night. Therefore he can be listed at 6'2.75" (189.9 cm) on this page.

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