Snoop Dogg’s Real Height Revealed!

Snoop Dogg, (real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.) is a hugely successful American rapper who has been in the game for over 30 years and is still producing songs to this day! 

Given he is sometimes referred to as 'Big Snoop Dogg' he is undoubtedly a tall man. He regularly looks taller than others in photos, sometimes towering above them!

But how tall is he exactly? Well, let's investigate his height by finding out his height claims and comparing him to other celebs, to find out how tall he really is! 

how tall is snoop dogg

What's His Real Height?

Snoop Dogg wakes up comfortably over 6'4" tall, and throughout the majority of the day he stands slightly under this height, but he always remains closer to 6'4" than 6'3". Therefore, on this page, I will list his height as 6'3.75" (192.4 cm) tall

Height as a Youngster

On page 45 of his 1999 autobiography Tha Doggfather, Snoop mentions that as a youngster being tall helped him on the football field, saying:

"I realized I had some skills I could bring to bear. I could use my height to passing advantage" (1)

Height as a Teenager

On page 85 of his autobiography, he states that aged 16 was a turning point for him, as people started noticing him:

"I'd sprouted up almost overnight and was topping out over six feet by the time I started my senior year." (1)

So, Snoop has had the joy of being considerably taller than the average since a youngster! 

Adult Height

In a 1996 MTV Interview with Snoop (age 24 at the time), and Tupac Shakur (age 25 and 9 days before his death), at 21 secs of the clip his height was mentioned:

Interviewer: "I know a lot of people find snoop and say, you know, six foot four I had no idea"

Tupac: "oh yeah" (nods head in agreement)

So, it appears that the consensus of Snoop's adult height is him being 6'4". 

Compared to Other Celebs

Snoop's slim and long body frame can make him appear super tall when standing alone, so to get a better understanding of his real height, let's see how tall he looks when standing next to some other celebs. 

Tupac Shakur 5'9.5" (176.5 cm)

Working together on songs such as Hail Mary (1996), and also being signed to the same record label 'Death Row Records', there are many instances of Snoop and Tupac standing together for height comparison.

For instance, at the MTV Video Music Awards (1996), Tupac's height came to an inch under Snoop's eye level, translating to a 6 inch difference, or their photos for the NY Times magazine, (1996), where there appears to be a 6.5 inch height difference between them. 

So, when with Tupac, Snoop appears to be 6'3.5"-6'4" tall. 

Dr. Dre 6'0" (182.9 cm)

Working together on various songs, such as Still D.R.E. (1999), there are many videos and pics for height comparison between the pair.

After analyzing their height next to each other, Snoop consistently looks to be 3.5-75 inches taller than Dre. For instance, in various performances such as The Up In Smoke Tour (2000) and appearances at music awards, such as The 28th Annual Music Awards 2001, and many more.

So when compared to Dr. Dre, Snoop appears to be 6'3.5"-75" tall. 

Wiz Khalifa 6'2.75" (189.9 cm)

Working together throughout the years on songs such as Young, Wild and Free (2011) and Stay High (2021), Snoop and Wiz Khalifa are good friends, and there are instances of them together for height comparison.

For instance, in a photo of them smoking and standing back-to-back, Snoop appears 0.75-1 inch taller. This difference carries itself over to other instances such as 'Wiz Khalifa: Behind The Cam' (2019) premiere and also when they perform together, in music videos, where Snoop consistently looks to be 0.75-1 inch taller than Wiz.

So, next to Wiz Khalifa, Snoop appears to be 6'3.5"-6'3.75" tall. 

The Results - When compared to other celebs throughout the years, Snoop appears anywhere from 6'3.5-6'4" tall. 

The Bottom line

Snoop Dogg appears to be a very similar height entering his 50's as he was when he was younger and in his prime, so is on the lucky side of the coin. I believe that he wakes up around 6'4" tall, then drops down to 6'3.75" throughout the majority of the day.

So on this page, I will list his height as 6'3.75" (192.4 cm) tall. 

Heights Related to Snoop Dogg

  1. Shante Broadus, Wife, 5'4" (162.6 cm)
  2. Corde Broadus, Son, 5'10" (177.8 cm)
  3. Cordell Broadus, Son, 6'2" (188 cm)
  4. Julian Corrie Broadus, Son, 5'9" (175.3 cm)
  5. Cori Broadus, Daughter, 5'3" (160 cm)
  6. Martha Stewart, Close Friend, 5'8" (172.7 cm)
  7. Suge Knight, Associate and co founder of Death Row Records, 6'2" (188 cm)
  8. Eminem, Rapper, 5'7.75" (172.1 cm)
  9. 50 Cent, Rapper, 6" (182.9 cm)


1: Tha DoggfatherThe Times, Trials, And Hardcore Truths Of Snoop Dogg, Page 85

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