Billie Eilish’s Height Might Shock You..

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell is an American singer-songwriter who started writing songs aged 11, and today in her early 20's is widely recognized and has a list of accomplishments to her name, including Grammy, American Music and Brit Awards, alongside a growing number of Guinness World Records!

Height-wise, she does appear to be under average, and her bulky clothing style larger frame possibly make her appear shorter than she really is.

So how tall is she really? Well, let's find out her height claims and compare her height to other celebs to get to the truth of the matter!

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How Tall is She Really?

After investigating Billie Elilsh's height by finding her height claim and comparing her to other celebs, it becomes apparent she falls into the 5'2-5'3" range, rarely looking as short as 5'2", and sometimes looking as tall as 5'3". Therefore on this page I will list her daytime height as 5'2.75" (159.4 cm).

Height Claim

In 2018, during an interview and in reference to her beliefs that you are capable of doing anything you want, regardless of gender, Billie claims a height of 5'4", saying:

 "I’m a girl and I’m five foot four" (1)

She was around 16 and a half here, and almost certainly had stopped growing. Regarding this claim, it could have been in shoes, but one thing is for sure, and as an adult, she is comfortably shorter than 5'4".


Billie is officially listed at 5'4" on Google and other sources. 

In the book 101 Amazing Facts about Billie Eilish, it states fact 12 as:

"She is five feet five inches tall – that's about 165 cm"

Well, the only thing I have to say about this is that it is a fact she is not 5'5" tall, and she has never claimed to be so, to my knowledge at least. 

Compared to Other Celebs

Billie carries a larger than average frame and also often wears baggy clothing, often wearing sneakers that give little height boost, which adds to her appearing shorter than her 5'4" claim. 

By comparing height her next to other celebs we can see if this is just an illusion, or if she really is shorter than her 5'4" claim. 

Khalid 5'7.75" (172.8 cm)

Collabing for the song 'Lovely' (2018), in the music video when wearing similar footwear, and standing next to each other, the top of Billie's head reaches 1 inch under Khalid's eye level. This translates on average to a 5.5 inch height difference. This difference is also consistent with the on-stage appearances of the song.

So, when standing next to Khalid, Billie appears to be 5'2.5" tall. 

Patrick O'Connell 6ft 0 (182.9 cm)

Billie's musician brother stands a solid 6 feet tall, and he is a reliable comparison being next to Billie wearing similar footwear in countless pics. He always towers over her, and in most pics, she comes up to between 0.5-1 inch under his mouth area, meaning there is a 9-9.5 inch height difference between the pair. 

So when compared to her brother, Billie looks to stand around 5'2.5-5'3" tall. 

Melissa McCarthy 5'2" (157.5 cm)

When self-confessed 5'2" Melissa met Billie for 'The Ellen Show', they did a sketch together named 'Bad Guys'. When wearing similar-sized footwear and standing next to each other, Billie appears to have a 0.75 inch height advantage.

Therefore, when compared to Melissa, Billie appears 5'2.75" tall. 

The Results - When compared to other celebs, Billie appears to be in the 5'2.5"-5'3" range of height. 

Height VS Shoe Size 

Billie wears a size 7 (US) or 39.5 (EU) shoe size. For somebody of her height, the average shoe size is anywhere between 5-8 (US), so her feet are within the average range for her height. 

The Bottom Line

After comparing Billie's height to other celebs it becomes apparent that she stands somewhere in the 5'2"-5'3" range of height, but more often than not she looks closer to 5'3". So, on this page, I will list her height as 5'2.75" (159.4 cm).

Heights Related to Billie Elilsh

  1. Maggie Baird, Mother, 5'4" (162.6 cm)
  2. Patrick O'Connell, Father, 5'8" (172.8 cm)
  3. Finneas O'Connell, Brother, 6ft 0 (182.9 cm)
  4. Claudia Sulewski, Friend, 5'4" (162.6 cm)
  5. Olivia Rodrigo, Song Collab: Happier Than Ever/Traitor, 5'4" (162.6 cm)


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