How Tall Is Eminem?

Needing no introduction here, Eminem is an iconic rapper like no other; breaking records and standing at the top of the musical ladder for over 2 decades!

Given his supreme ability with words, his height is rarely talked about, but did you know that the real slim shady stands under average height, and in fact, he could be Tom Cruises' height twin? So, with that being said let's investigate his height and find out how tall Eminem really is. 

how tall is eminem

After comparing Eminem's height to his peers it's obvious that he stands just shy of 5'8" tall, at 5'7.5" (171.5 cm). I believe he wakes up out of bed at a solid 5'8", and drops down to 5'7.75" throughout the majority of the day, dipping to 5'7.5" on more strenuous working days. 

Height Info

  1. In the song "lighters" featured on the Bad Meets Evil album, Eminem raps, "cause I came with 5'9", but I feel like I'm 6'8".We can take this as a height claim, and it's also what he probably measures in shoes.
  2. In his mug shot when he was arrested in the year 2000, The Royal Oak Police Department has him down at 5'8", take a look here. Other records also state he is 5'10", but five-eight is closer to the truth. 

Other Info

Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born in Saint Joseph City in Missouri, on the 18th of October 1972. He goes by the name of Slim Shady. He started rapping on the underground scene in the 90s, entering into and winning rap battles during his amateur days. 

He has been married and divorced twice to the same woman, Kimberly Anne Scott, and remains currently single as of 2023.

His weight has fluctuated over the years (peaking at close to 230 pounds) but remains at a steady 68 kg in Pounds- 150 lbs these days. 

Height Comparisons

If we take a look at Eminem standing next to some iconic rappers of the 90s and early 2000s, we can gain a clearer picture of his real height. He tends to wear Nike shoes that give around 3cm of added height, which is a nice boost. 

Snoop Dogg and Eminem recently recorded together in 2020, and when pictured in the studio there's a distinctive height difference of around 8 inches, translating to Eminem looking just shy of 5'8" tall. Eminem is also next to Dr.Dre, 6" (182.9 cm) in many pics, and appears 4 inches shorter, looking to be 5'8" tall. Maybe Dre has lost some height as he is in his mid-50s now, but either way, Eminem holds up well with him. 

Royce da 5'9" as you can expect, is a legit 5'9" tall. The two rappers collaborated on the 2011 album "Bad Meets Evil", and appear together in various videos, interviews, and so on. In the majority of these instances, Royce appears over 1 inch taller than Eminem, more like 1-1.5 inches. This puts Eminem under 5'8" yet again. 

Has Eminem Lost Height?

Eminem was born in 1972 and is in his 50s now, which is the usual time that height loss gradually creeps in.

On stage at his induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2022, Eminem did struggle to look close to 5'8". But then I looked at his performance for the MTV awards in 2000, and he looked just shy of 5'8" there too. So, I doubt he has lost height yet at aged 50, but it's something to consider over the next few years that he might be looking shorter than he did in his youth. 

How Tall are Eminem's Daughters?

  • Eminem's eldest and most talked about daughter Hailie Jade is 5'7" (170.2 cm) tall and weighs roughly 55 Kg (120 lbs).
  • His middle daughter, Alaina Mathers, stands at 5'8" (172.7 cm) and weighs roughly 75 kg (165 lbs).
  • His youngest daughter, Whitney Mathers, stands at 5'6" (167.6 cm) and weighs roughly 55 Kilograms (121 lbs).

Height Compared To The Most Successful Artists Of The Decade

Let's compare Eminem's height to the 10 most successful artists.

  1. Elvis Presley, sold 1.5 billion units, 5'11.5" (181.6 cm)
  2. Taylor Swift, sold 212 million units, 5'9.25" (175.9 cm)
  3. Michael Jackson, sold 1 billion units, 5'9" (175.3 cm)
  4. Whitney Houston 205 million units, 5'8" (172.7 cm)
  5. Rihanna, sold 271 million units, 5'8" (172.7 cm)
  6. Elton John, sold 305 million units, 5'7.75" (171.5 cm)
  7. Eminem, sold 227 million units, 5'7.75" (171.5 cm)
  8. Celine Dion, sold 175 million units, 5'7" (170.2 cm)
  9. Mariah Carey, sold 202 million units, 5'6.75" (169.5 cm)
  10. Madonna, sold 340 million units, 5'3.25" (160.7 cm)

Eminem stands 7th tallest on the list, but close to the average height, which is 5'7.8 or 172.2 cm. Realistically, height doesn't matter in terms of musical success! 


After investigating Eminem's height by finding his height claim, and police records and also comparing his height to his peers, I conclude that he stands around 5'7.5"-5'8" for the majority of the day, so let's go with the middle value of 5'7.75" (171.5 cm) as his real height as of 2023. 

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