From watching Jimmy's 'The Tonight Show', and comparing him to some of his famous guests, it is clear that he stands over average height. It is rare for him to look short next to people, often holding his own with the likes of Dwayne Johnson and other celebrities over 6 feet tall.

So when I first saw he is regularly listed at 6 feet tall, I believed it, as Jimmy Fallon certainly looks close to this height. However, after investigating it further and taking into consideration his footwear, his hair that is styled upwards, and comparing his height with other celebrities, him being 6 feet tall comes into question.

So, let's investigate things further to find out Jimmy Fallon's real height!

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So What's His Real Height?

After comparing Jimmy Fallon's height next to other celebs, I believe that Jimmy Fallon wakes up very close to 5'11.75" tall, falling down to 5'11.5" throughout the majority of the day, and by the time his show films in the evening he is nearer 5'11.25". On this page, I will list him at 5'11.5 (181.6 cm) tall.

His Height Claims

Jimmy has consistently claimed 6 feet tall throughout his career, standing strong with this claim. This is also understandable, as 6" is a nice rounded number, and with shoes on he is certainly close to it!


His 6 feet claims can be immediately dismissed when watching Supermodel Karlie Kloss, 6'1.75" (187.3 cm), on his show. In this segment they are about to bounce on trampolines, and in reference to Jimmy's height she takes her heels off and says "this is better, this will give us a better height".

With her shoes off, being barefooted, Karlie still appears at least 2 inches taller than Jimmy, while he is still wearing dress shoes giving him at least 1 inch of height.

So, with Karlie being barefooted, Jimmy struggles to look 6 feet tall even with his shoes on, making his height appear a weak 6 feet tall with shoes on, and nearer 5'11" without them.

Next to Other Celebs

To Note

While I was comparing his height with other celebs, Fallon sometimes looks suspiciously taller than he should be next to them, and I believe this is due to his footwear. In these instances, he may or may not be using height-increasing shoes, but he does seem significantly taller than he does in the majority of instances. 

So, I have chosen height comparisons where I believe he is wearing regular shoes.

Either way, he tends to favor a large heel, giving him from 1-1.5 cm footwear advantage over other celebrities' on his show. He also likes to style his hair upwards, adding half an inch onto his real height. These things have all been taken into consideration when making these height comparisons.

Justin Timberlake 5'11.5" (181.6 cm)

Next to his best buddy Justin Timberlake, Jimmy looks a very similar height and depending on footwear, can look either taller or shorter. It is hard to tell their heights apart. So I will say that Jimmy looks 5'11.5" next to Justin.

Dwayne Johnson 6'2.5" (189.2 cm)

Next to Dwayne Johnson on his Tonight Show, and also in other pictures, Jimmy holds up pretty well. He appears in a region of 3 inches shorter. However, when with Dwayne he tends to wear thicker footwear, giving him a 1cm advantage in height, and also styles his hair upwards. So, taking this into consideration, it puts Fallon around 5'11.25" tall.

Tiger Woods 6 (182.9 cm)

Next to Tiger Woods and when footwear is visible for comparison, such as on his tonight show and on the golfing range, Fallon looks a clear inch shorter than him, at the very least. This puts him at 5'11" tall, or slightly under. 

The Results

When compared to other celebrities, Fallon's height falls anywhere from 5'11-5'11.5" tall. He most commonly appears around 5'11.25, and I feel this is the height range he falls into. 


I believe Jimmy Fallon's height lies anywhere between 5'11.25-5'11.5" tall throughout the majority of the day. By the time his show airs in the evening he would be closer to 5'11.25", but on this page I will list him at his lunchtime height, which I believe is 5'11.5 (181.6 cm) tall. 

Heights Associated to Jimmy Fallon

  1. Nancy Juvonen, Wife, 5'4.5" (163.8 cm)
  2. Jessica Biel, Friend, 5'6.75 (169.5 cm)
  3. Kevin Hart, Friend, 5'2.5" 158.8 cm)
  4. Jay Leno, Talk Show Host, 5'10.75" (179.7 cm)
  5. Jimmy Kimmel, Talk Show Host, 5'11.25" (181 cm)
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